Let’s Talk About It – Banning TikTok is Detrimental to Latine Creators

Let's Talk About It - Banning TikTok is Detrimental to Latine Creators

The possibility of TikTok getting banned in the United States has been present since the last administration. 

Three years ago, Trump threatened to ban the video app because of his skepticism about it being developed in China. He was concerned about this Chinese-created app’s potential to spy on people from the United States. Now, the Biden administration seems to share similar sentiments. The unease derives partly because of TikTok’s algorithm and how the app’s user data is collected. The Biden administration also proposed to purchase TikTok as an alternate solution. 

On March 23rd, TikTok’s Chinese owner, Shou Chew, will appear before U.S. lawmakers to defend his social media platform. However, many of these lawmakers want the app banned in the U.S. because they claim that it is a risk to national security.  

Chew, nonetheless, jumped on TikTok (which is a rarity for him), to speak to its users a few days ago. He explained how he is trying to fight for TikTok to stay in the U.S.  

During his TikTok video, he asked users to write why TikTok was important to them in the comments – and they didn’t hold back. Many of them, including Latine TikTok creators, expressed how the platform allowed them to make a name while generating revenue. Others shared how TikTok continues to teach them about new issues on a daily basis. From the comments, it is evident that TikTok has become more than an entertainment platform.  

TikTok has helped Latine TikTokers

The reality is that it has helped a lot of creators. From designing the Latinx Creator Fund to giving people the confidence to post in their natural state without feeling the pressure of looking “perfect,” this platform changed the scope of what people want to consume digitally.  

Yet, with the possibility of TikTok being banned, it is leaving a lot of content creators feeling disheartened.  

The relatability of TikTokers has made people feel like they are part of their community. Ridding people of that will harm communities that don’t always get the visibility they crave.  

What will happen with TikTok is still up in the air. So, while we wait for the U.S.’s decision, let’s look at some of our favorite Latine TikTokers:  


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