TikTok is Claiming That Peso Pluma is the Next Big Star After Bad Bunny – Who is He?

TikTok is Claiming That Peso Pluma is the Next Big Star After Bad Bunny – Who is He?
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Get used to hearing the name “Peso Pluma” because he is coming in strong with his “corridos tumbados.” 

Hassan Kabande Laija, famously known as Peso Pluma, is a Mexican musician who has gained millions of listeners due to his talent – and TikTok. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the 23-year-old recently topped the Spotify chart, “Daily Top Artists Mexico,” dethroning Bad Bunny from the number one spot. He is the first Mexican to do this in the history of this esteemed playlist.  


The POV I thought I’d never be making 😂 @therealpesopluma #pesopluma

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According to Uno TV, his interest was piqued when he began to play the guitar. He was also in a band with his cousins, and they were called “Tito Laija.” He proceeded to go solo in 2020. 

What are ‘corridos tumbados’?

As with everything, music goes through evolutions. Right now, for instance, regional Mexican music is getting a twist. It is mixed in with trap and hip-hop sounds, hence the birth of corridos tumbados. Most of the songs in this unique genre talk about the reality of the streets rather than romanticizing the streets. As you can imagine, this raw approach has not been accepted by some people, including the legendary Pepe Aguilar.  

“Corridos tumbados is as regional Mexican as the one you listened to or your parents; but this one has a younger, regional Mexican seasoning,” Natanael Cano said in an interview with Infobae. Cano is another Mexican artist moving through the corridos tumbados space.  

What’s next for Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma has been busy lately. He has over 18 million listeners on Spotify and counts on songs that have obtained plenty of success. His songs “AMG,” “PRG,” and “Siempre Pendientes” have each garnered 100 million reproductions. He has also worked alongside Natanael Cano and Junior H. It was also recently announced that he will be working with Colombian rapper, Blessd.  

Though Peso Pluma could’ve gained fame on his own, there’s no denying that his virality on TikTok allowed him to reach these heights at a quicker rate.  

Is Peso Pluma in your playlist already? 

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