Dew You: Tips on How to Achieve a Face that Says ‘I Just Casually Walked Out of a Lagoon’

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We often hear the question, “If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you? The answers are always interesting, but none of them ever includes items for your skin. Call me crazy, but in this scenario, I would trade my cell phone or any gadget for my skin care products.

And, if I were on this island with my significant other, I definitely would want to look like a goddess rising out the water like Halle Berry in a James Bond Film. Hopefully, none of us would ever have to make such a decision, as most of us city slickers would never survive a night without a plug and an outlet. Maybe if the question were asked a bit differently, it might be more appealing. How about we rephrase it and swap out “deserted Island” for the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Without question, I’d say, “When can you drop me off?” If you haven’t seen travel pics of that destination, please add it to your google search list immediately. It has become the favorite of travel bloggers and certainly a bucket list item for the wanderlusters. So, since we’re asking, here’s a follow up question for that wild imagination. How can I look like I’ve walked out of a Lagoon, without spending serious coin to go to one? That, my friends, we can help you answer. Here are a few tips that will guarantee the dewy glow of the five-star vacation of your dreams.

Rescue Me

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We all would like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient and resilient as we navigate this thing called life, but when it comes to skin care, most of us are drowning. Skincare can seem like a chore, especially if you wear makeup. The idea that we have to double wash our face to be even close to effectively taking care of our skin already sounds tedious. Our lives are so busy, who really has time for those extra steps? Isn’t a makeup-wipe good enough? Or just a quick wash with our go-to cleanser? I bet most of us do this anyway, knowing that it’s a short cut. We’re just happy we didn’t wake up to smeared mascara and smudged lipstick because we forgot, yet again, to wash our face.

Booking a facial is the best course of action to remedy the damage to which our skin is subjected. Rescue Spa is at the top of the list of places that will throw us a life saver and resuscitate our skin back to health. It is highly recommended and worth pulling from that vacation stash. If you can’t go to the source for an all-natural lava scrub or silica mask, we can at least get a dose of it from our trusted estheticians who will examine every line, mole or bump and give the best treatment for our skin needs. You are guaranteed to leave with supple baby-smooth, fully hydrated skin. They use only the best of skin care brands that could save you the expense of a Botox session.

Behind The Mask

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If a spa day is not in the budget, the next best option is to do a mask at home. Masks are the part of your skin regimen that can help reverse the effects of your bad skin habits. It hydrates, soothes and regenerate the natural collagen in your skin. Sometimes the items in your kitchen are perfect to soothe and hydrate the skin.  Honey, mixed with activated charcoal and aloe vera extract (from the plant) is a great start on your beautiful skin journey.

However, if rummaging in the kitchen is not your forte, you can buy a ready-made mask from your local beauty store, such as Origins, Ulta Beauty or Sephora. The cool thing is that masks come in multiple forms. You can use a mask that tightens the skin as it dries, which is typical of clay masks. The other option is to use the masks that you peel and place on your face. These paper masks are filled with collagen regenerative ingredients that are vital to maintaining a youthful dewy glow.


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Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about the best thirst quencher that’s not ingested but rather absorbed through topical application on the skin; serums. It is the holy grail of youthful skin and is vital to any skincare regimen, no matter your skin type. Toner, followed by serums can take your skin care to the next level. This step is the closest you will get to a professional facial at home. There are a few brands on the market such as Biologique Recherche, IS Clinical, Environ, whose serums and toners can give you medical grade results. The best part is that you can apply these in the comforts of your home as you nerd out on Game of Thrones.

We all know that flawless skin takes effort. The most spot on quote is from Rescue Spa’s founder, Danuta Mieloch, who says “Beautiful Skin is a Matter of Choice not Chance.” It’s the premise from which she built a skincare empire. The takeaway is that no matter your budget, you can have flawless skin if you put in the time. Whether you mix your own home remedy or pay a professional, you can achieve the same end result. The key is to pay attention to what works for you and nourish your skin the way you nourish your body. They both need to be fed.

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