Meet the Trejos Sisters, the Talent Behind Pinkafé

Trejos Sisters BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of the Trejos Sisters.

At BELatina, we have made it our mission to elevate the voices of badass women out there, fighting against the current and empowering ourselves every day. Two of them are the Trejos sisters, creators and the genius behind Pinkafé.

Pinkafé is a community that motivates women to take action through stylish content and seeks to build a network of empowered women who recognize their potential and the value of collaborating with each other.

Born in Colombia, a beautiful country full of life, hope, joy, culture, and history, the Trejos sisters have brought that energy to the United States, where they have lived for twenty years.

The Trejos sisters bring individual talents and assets.

Natalia has an artistic and creative background with years of experience in television and film production. She also shares her voice as an actress and entrepreneur. 

Carolina has a journalistic and substantive approach. She brings her love of community, humanity, networking, and her media and entertainment savvy personality to every project she is a part of.

Their background and bond as sisters have made them resilient and aware of the importance of joining forces to create change.

BELatina had the pleasure of talking to the Trejos sisters, and this is what they had to say:

How did the idea of working together come up?

We have always been very close as sisters — we love to be creative together! Our individual professional backgrounds in the media and entertainment industries prompted us to unite our talents and years of experience to create ‘something’ that conveys elegance, has a professional statement, yet has heart and soul to it — something that can help other women advance in their careers and personal lives. That ‘something’ became Pinkafé. The idea was years in the making until our mother came up with a project to create a mobile boutique and have spaces for women to get together and share their love for style, coffee, and connection. (Bless momma Zulmita!)

What motivated you to create Pinkafe?

We saw the need to create an interesting and modern platform for the crossover Latina. Not-so-corporate, yet professional, mature, very stylish, and femenina

Our mom was the creative force at the beginning. She’s a fashion designer and a businesswoman who had her own empire designing underwear before we were even adults! Seeing our mom’s business wit and our dad’s go-getter salesman/ positive attitude motivated us to create Pinkafé. The need to join all of our careers as a family was organic. Pinkafé was the perfect formula of media+life+style!

“The best way to create your own path is to build genuine relationships. Stay close to every single person you meet along your professional journey —you never know when a collab will come up in the future.” – Carolina Trejos.

Pinkafé has had many phases. We started as a mobile boutique from mom’s trunk, then we created a blog and an online boutique. Later, with the same idea of “women connection,” we created a podcast full of authenticity, mental health help, inspiration, and ideas for work-and-life balance that honestly tells the stories of perseverance, strength, and fight for Latina representation. Family, career, sisterhood, and health are what Pinkafé is all about! 

Why is it essential that we talk about the stories of Latinas?

One thing that’s present to us, Latinas in media, is the Latina representation in Hollywood, but it also applies to any industry at a high level. We want young Latinas to see themselves in those high places and be able to break out of the box that, sometimes, our own culture puts us in. Like studying traditional careers that have proven to bring us success over the years, what if your heart desires to do something different? 

There’s more to us than doing what society, or even our family, wants us to do. For example, choosing an “artistic” or creative career because parents don’t believe it’s worthy of success and happiness. So our mission is to help them fight for themselves and make their dreams happen! Who says it’s not possible!? We want to give more visibility to women looking to change their careers and live with more meaning and passion.

The benefit is that with the tools that we (Pinkafesas) provide, mujeres can be inspired, get clarity on their dreams, and take action on what they want to do, whether it is starting a career or knowing which career to choose, a lifestyle change or an embarking in the entrepreneurship journey.

In your experience, what has been the biggest obstacle in the industry?

S-t-e-r-e-o-t-y-p-i-n-g! We’ve had to prove stereotypes wrong. From the way we look to having an accent or being an immigrant to not “looking the part.” We’ve had people in professional environments asking us to have a certain “image” of what a Latina is supposed to look like. “You don’t look/sound Latina.” We’ve all been there, right!?

“To make your dreams come true, it is basically a rule of three: you first visualize your idea, you plan it, and then you take action. I call it my 3-step formula!” – Natalia Trejos.

Another one is fighting the 9-5 culture (at home and work) and those who say real life is sitting in a cubicle and working 40-60 hours a week building other companies’ dreams. Hey! We’re not against corporate life at all, to be honest, but we also believe in building things from scratch and creating opportunities and jobs for other women as well, working mothers who are looking to change their careers and live with more meaning.

What would you recommend to a young Latina who wants to break through and create a platform?

We would say to them, dream big! And from there, write down those dreams. Ask yourself these questions: How does it look? What does it mean to you? Why do you want to do this, and what value do you bring to others? 

Spell it out as much as possible and create a tangible plan with dates. Do your research, build a community, network, and talk about your dream with the right people. ¡Y no tengas miedo, querida! 

There is no such a thing as being ready. Start now, take action, be organized, create the steps, and that way, as you build your idea, brick by brick, you will be living the life of your dreams every single day. 

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