Meet Tuscany Guerrero, the Talent Behind the Stylish Swimwear Brand Cavah Collection

Cavah Collection BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Cavah Collection/BELatina.

Summer is around the corner and if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to invest in some new swimwear, consider this your sign.

Cavah Collection is the Latina-owned swimwear line and resort wear brand you’ve been waiting for. Gorgeous, yes, but it’s so much more than that. Cavah it’s rooted in purpose and inspired by what makes Latina women so effortlessly glamorous and mesmerizing. 

The beauty and brains behind the brand are the owner and founder, Tuscany Guerrero, who launched her company after being encouraged by her two daughters to chase her dreams and focus on what she wanted — imagine young girls who really get it and who understand the power of confidence and purpose. That’s what is at the heart of this company.

Tuscany’s daughters, Caylie and Ava, are the inspiration and motivation for Cavah Collection, hence the brand’s name, created by combining their names. Equally important to the founding of the brand was Tuscany’s move to her native Dominican Republic, where she reconnected with the natural beauty of the Caribbean and Latin America. 

The brand is inspired by a natural elegance, sophistication, style, art, and all the unique qualities that make Caribbean/Latin culture so fascinating and captivating. Her pieces are designed to make a statement without losing the class and timeless sense of beauty. 

The brand is invested in Latino culture, both in terms of style and substance. All pieces are thoughtfully produced by a wonderful team of talented Colombian women through artisanal methods while using quality fabrics with recyclable yarns.

We chatted with Tuscany to learn more about her daughters’ influence on her entrepreneurial spirit, her biggest challenges as a female business owner and Latina designer, and her new line from Cavah Collection. Her story is a serious boost of inspiration, and the beautiful pieces from Cavah are giving us major summer vibes. 

Where did you grow up? How did your upbringing influence your love of fashion? 

I grew up in Washington Heights, New York City. Since the age of three, I have traveled several times a year to the Dominican Republic. I have always had an interest in fashion from a very young age. I designed numerous outfits and dresses and even convinced my parents of fashion design software for my computer while in elementary school! You can imagine how bizarre of an ask this was back then. I then went to Fashion Industries high school. 

Where do you look for trend inspiration and style ideas for your swimwear? What is your goal for women who wear your bathing suits? 

For years now, I have traveled and lived between countries. I lived for a couple of years straight through in the Dominican Republic, which also led me to often travel to Colombia. These combined experiences made me fall in love with style, fashion, and trends all over again. It is mostly the cultural impact I have had in the last few years with these two countries—the delicate flare of the women and the uniqueness of the variety within them. No two women in the Dominican Republic even resemble each other. Unique in their own style. Same with Colombia. Some women are classic, charming, and chic, and others are lively, modern, and rebellious. This is what I wanted to create in single pieces through my swimwear. How can all these women wear my pieces and feel the culture, the aura of these two countries? So, I looked for colors that most define the natural beauty of these two locations. The style mostly stands out, and I was able to adjust it to my swimwear line. 

How did returning to your Dominican roots empower you to launch your brand? 

I was living in the Dominican Republic at the time, and my daughters actually pushed me to open the brand. They are so creative and optimistic. They actually wanted to start a line themselves. Through many conversations, I was convinced it was the right time and the perfect location. I cannot express enough how happy and weight-lifted I feel when in the Dominican Republic. This energy could empower me to do anything, and at this time, I thought it was perfect to go with my swimwear line. 

What is the most challenging part of being a Latina business owner and a Latina entrepreneur in the fashion world? 

I believe the challenge is first being a woman. There is a notion that women are too emotional to be competitive enough in fashion. However, I think this is just a stereotype. I have been in business a long time. I am the Area Director of Sales for many hotels in the northeast, and let me tell you; it is a challenge. However, the very same reason that creates an invisible barrier in the fashion world is also our best tool. We Latinas have a different, magical essence that others can pick up from a mile away. I think it’s all about delivering that same beautiful essence through creativity, through your work, and in the end, to your customers. I believe that if you can manage to do this, you can manage to position yourself right at the top. Either way, it comes with its challenges, and trying to make something successful in this industry can get you much push back. 

What advice do you have for other Latinas considering careers in fashion? 

For Latinas, it sometimes means we have to work three times as hard, so the best way to go about this business is zero complaints, work harder every day, and don’t take advice from anyone other than yourself! Your gut and your instinct will be your best guides. This industry tends to have a lot of unnecessary critics. The worst part about it is that Latinos have this way of giving negative opinions when they doubt something new, something groundbreaking. It’s best to keep to yourself and just keep working! 

What is the best advice you were ever given that has helped you navigate your business? What do you hope other Latinas know about the real experiences of running a fashion business (the good and the bad)?  

I actually received advice from my 9-year-old. She told me to think about myself and what I want first. She told me that if I did that, I would be happy, and everything around me would be happiness. To me, this meant the world! This was eye-opening. Not so much for what it meant but who it was coming from. At this time, I stopped doubting myself so much in terms of what I could do but rather what I wanted to do and focused on how I could accomplish it. I was determined to find comfort in my decisions and not based on trends or what others were doing. This space, I believe, allowed me to create something different for Cavah Collection. 

The one thing I would say to new Latinas about opening a business is to do your research! There is such a long list of items that I had no idea about that go into running a business. It is overwhelming to think about business licenses, taxes, inventory, branding, and all the little details and time that goes into a business. There is nothing wrong with learning as you go with trial and error, but if you are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead, I believe you can be that much more successful. 

Tell us about your current favorite Cavah styles. What’s next for the Cavah Collection? 

I love the entire Antillas collection. This collection introduces what I would like to tap into next, which is more resort wear. The tops of these pieces can actually be worn as top pieces to go out at night or if you are hanging around the resort or out for dinner. There is glam; there is chicness to them but a subtle reminder of natural beauty, of Simplistic beauty. These pieces make you feel comfortable and lovely all at the same time, no matter what your personality may be. 

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