Did You Know That The ‘Victorious’ Lead Actress Is Latina?

Did You Know That The ‘Victorious’ Lead Actress Is Latina? belatina latine

Did you know that the main actress in “Victorious,” Victoria Justice, is Latina? We didn’t either. All this time we had a Latina-spearheaded popular Nickelodeon show and we didn’t even know it! What a pleasant surprise for many!


Replying to @ddrrsv Victoria is proud to represent her Puerto Rican heritage 😌

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In a recent interview with Netflix, she talks more about her Puerto Rican culture – and we can’t get enough of it. “As some of you may know, my mom is Puerto Rican. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite parts of my Boricua culture with you,” Justice said on a TikTok clip for Netflix’s Con Todo.

She continues: “I love good tostones, nice and thin and crispy with a mojo sauce. And lechón with rice and beans and some grilled onions,” she said while describing what she loves from her Puerto Rican side. “My mouth is watering right now.”

As far as her favorite place in Puerto Rico to travel to, she said: “Rincón. My family’s actually from there. It’s a little surfing town and, you know, those are my roots.” 

They also asked her favorite place to wave the Puerto Rican flag to which she replied: “Anywhere and everywhere. Gotta represent wherever I go.”

To many hardcore fans, her being half-Latina didn’t come as a surprise at all. She actually said it in the popular show. Con Todo Netflix uploaded a clip from the Nick show (Season 1, Episode 3) where she clearly says: “You know, I’m half Latina,” when a guy calls her a white girl. 

Digging into the characters she’s played, we also notice that she played Lola Martinez on “Zoey 101,” and that her last name on “Victorious” was indeed Vega – both of which are common Spanish-language surnames. 

What’s Justice currently up to? She’s promoting her newest film “The Perfect Pairing,” which is out on Netflix now.

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