10 Reasons Why We Love MonicaStyle Muse


Monica Veloz, better known as her online name, MonicaStyle Muse, is a super proud, loud, and contagiously joyous Black Dominicana from Brooklyn, New York, who is unapologetic about her pursuit of success by her definition. She is an Afro-Latina who loves being herself and through that unapologetic presence inspires others to do the same. These are some of our favorite things about Monica.  

She Boldly Speaks on the Experience of Being Afro-Latina

Afro-Latina MonicaMuse style
Photo Credit youtube MonicaMuse Style Channel

Monica has been vocal about her experiences as a dark skinned Dominicana and how fellow Latinx/Hispanics and non Hispanic/Latinx receive her. The challenges of being both Black and Latina/Hispanic are things with which she has struggled and she was truly upset with when certain celebrities told fellow Black Dominicana, Amara La Negra, that the challenges were all in her head. Monica is a super proud Black girl that comes from the Dominican Republic and won’t be told she needs to choose!

Her Love for Musica de Palos

MonicaStyle Muse Dance IG
Photo Credit IG @monicastylemuse

Just about any Dominican can agree that when you hear musica de palos, you can’t stay still. Musica de Palos is a genre of Dominican music that has origins in Central West Africa. The music uses percussion instruments like a variety of drums, maracas, and vocals to call in joy, celebration, ancestors, and power. Monica has featured this music and her dancing to it in several of her videos.

Pursuing Her Dreams: Moving from New York City to Los Angeles

Moving to LA
Photo Credit Youtube.com

Monica took us on her journey from moving from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, California. Her “I Can’t Believe I Moved to LA” vlog was messy, funny, raw, and honest. From buying a mattress and being shaken by how much mattresses cost, to sitting on the floor of her new place with no furniture the vlog was truly about the process of moving across the country to pursue your dreams!

Supporting Latina Makeup Companies

MonicaStyle Muse Latina Makeup brands
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In one of her latest videos, Monica used only make up companies owned by Latina to complete a full face of makeup. During her whole video, Monica only spoke in Spanish while putting on her make up, shared some of her favorite Latina owned makeup products, and provided captions in English.

Making it a Family Affair

J veloz brother @jveloz MoncaStyleMuse
Photo Credit IG @jveloz

Monica is all about her family and it’s extremely obvious and refreshing to see. She mentions her family in almost all of her videos and how instrumental they are to her process, journey, and life. Monica’s grandmother (@WelitaMuse) was featured in Nike’s De Lo Mio Air Force Ones campaign, which Monica’s brother Juan Veloz @jveloz took the images for while their mother (@LaMamaMuse) helped with the creative visioning! Three generations of amazing talent in one project.

Her Confidence, Which Helps Makes Space for Us to Claim Ours

Dont be regular MonicaStyle Muse

Her phrases “Te Molesta Mi Brillo?” Does my shine bother you? and “Zont Be Regular” are rallying cries and affirmations all in one. Monica is loud, proud, and far from regular. She doesn’t really care if her shining bright bothers you because she knows she’s in her lane, popping, and living her best life.

Getting Real About Breast Health

Breast Health MonicaStyleMuse

When she sat down with Know Your Girls, a space for Black women’s breast health, she got honest about finding a lump in her breast when she was 14 years old. She didn’t tell her mother about the lump in her breast for a year because she was scared and didn’t know it was a big deal. In time, she told her mom and had to get the cyst removed. Years later her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This series of events led Monica and her mother to have more conversations about their health and has made them closer. Presently, 40% of Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. Monica is speaking on a health issue that affects many Black women and one that needs more attention.

Keeping it Affordable

NYX Make Up MonicaMuseStyle
Image Credit MonicaMuseStyle Youtube channel

Makeup and fashion can be expensive but Monica shows us that you can create amazing looks with her affordable fashion hauls and make up. From Fashion Nova to NYX, Monica gives us real Brooklyn-born and bred New York City high fashion looks with an affordable price tag.

Teaching Us About Our Angles

MonicaStyle Muse Youtube

From perfecting the over the shoulder smolder to elongating your legs by standing on your toes, Monica always gives tips, suggestions, and of course demonstrations on how to give variety in your poses.

Being Honest About Family Dynamics…but Never for the Price of Your Goals

As the child of an immigrant, Monica gets real about the cultural expectations from the Dominican Republic and The United States and feeling compounded pressure to succeed not only for yourself but also for your parents. Often, pursuing dreams that are outside of what one’s parents may have for them is a risk that can negatively affect the parent-child relationship dynamic. Monica speaks candidly about hierarchies in families, the pressure to always be available and going for your dreams, even when that means you may upset some of your family.

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