Amazing Latina Tattoo Artists That Should Be on Your Radar

Latina Tattoo Artists BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

Tattoos and body modifications are deeply rooted in the ancestral traditions of Latin America. From the red spirals of the Wayúu to the piercings of the Yanomami, our culture has always known how to express itself through the body.

Today, the art of tattooing is everywhere, and Latina artists have made their way into an industry that is just beginning to be seen in a positive light in society.

The art of tattooing is unique. Putting a piece on your skin forever is a commitment that few are willing to make. However, some transform their skin into a canvas where they can show off the pieces of their favorite artists.

This list is just a small sample of the talent of our Latina artists and encompasses styles for all tastes. You can find your favorite artist here, from Chicano to fine line, blackwork, embroidery style, and even Aztec motifs.

Michelle Santana

Michelle Santana is a master of fine line tattoos, and her work speaks for itself. In each tattoo, she can reach a level of detail like no other artist. Santana is part of Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City and has her own tattoo studio in Cali, Colombia. 

Manuela Soto Sosa

This artist of Swiss-Uruguayan origin has broken paradigms by creating her own style of tattoos illustrating women with curves and reflecting the sensuality in those who do not feel identified with the canons of beauty dictated by society. Soto has gained fame for her style, which has led her to venture beyond tattooing, take her designs to clothing, and even collaborate with Rihanna in her Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

Fernanda Ramirez 

Fernanda Ramirez is undoubtedly a pioneer in the style of embroidery. Her tattoos have a perfect composition of colors and are made with a technique that she has perfected to achieve that realism. Her work varies between floral designs and nature. Others are inspired by her Mexican heritage.

Tamara Santibañez

Tamara Santibañez, of Mexican origin, specializes in tattoos inspired by the traditional Chicano style giving them her personal touch. Her work focuses on creating pieces with Chicano iconography, leaving her impeccable technique and perfect understanding of shadows and chiaroscuro on display.

Roxi Satni 

Roxi Satni’s compositions are a perfect blend of blackwork, pointillism, and color, resulting in unique tattoos that demonstrate her love for what she does. The Aztec and natural influence is very clear in Satni’s work, and her beautiful pieces look like an homage to her Latinx heritage.


Piña is a Mexican-born tattoo artist who draws inspiration from pop culture for her colorful and fun designs. Piña makes use of ultraviolet inks in her tattoos, giving them a slight psychedelic touch.

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