BELatina’s Best of the Week: Jovita Idar, La Borinqueña, And More

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At BELatina, we welcome spring with the desire for sunnier days and with the energy that the stories we tell give us.

Each week, we bring to our audience pieces of history, that which many have wanted to erase and that which is written every day.

This week, from the story of journalist Jovita Idar to the talent behind La Borinqueña, these are the best stories in BELatina.

Who Was Jovita Idar?

Jovita Idar BELatina Latinx
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Celebrating the voices of our generation, those who break paradigms and blaze trails, are as important as recognizing the people who did the same in the past. Take the example of Mexican-American journalist, activist, and feminist icon Jovita Idar, who was a powerful voice for Mexican immigrants during the Mexican Revolution. Idar is known for using her voice to speak out for the needs and rights of her community. However, her work went far beyond that: the journalist created spaces and broke structures, allowing many of us to do the work we do today.

The First National Latina Consultants Group Comes to Life

Latina Consultants Group BELatina Latinx
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A group of Latina strategists and creatives have joined forces to launch the first national collaboration of Latina consultants. The effort combines more than 40 years of experience and promises to forever change the face of politics in the U.S.

10 Badass Latinas You Should Follow

Latinas to follow BELatina Latinx
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At BELatina, we celebrate women all year long. We are proud to elevate the voices of those who blaze trails, inspire, and empower. And these ten amazing women don’t fall short when it comes to being role models, especially in the Latina community. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, someone to teach you some makeup tricks, or someone who inspires, these women should be on your radar.

What You Should Know About Microlending and How It Can Help You

Microlending BELatina Latinx
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Microlending is when a financial loan is granted to an individual or small business from another individual rather than from a bank or credit union. For minority individuals and small business owners seeking loans but who do not necessarily fall into the traditional fiscal borrowing bucket, microlending is an opportunity to boost their business and achieve financial stability. 

Meet Xula, the Latina and Black-Owned Hemp Brand Born in Mexico City

Xula BELatina Latinx
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Xula fuses ancestral herbal knowledge and modern scientific understanding to create products that dignify, amplify and revive all bodies left out of society’s gaze. This is their story.

Another Blackout Shakes Puerto Rico and La Borinqueña Arrives in Time To Fight Back

Photo courtesy of Facebook @LaBorinquenaComics Belatina latinx
Photo courtesy of Facebook @LaBorinquenaComics

“La Borinqueña Starring Rosario Dawson,” released internationally this week on April 6, is a graphic novel that speaks on the importance of a clean energy transition in Puerto Rico. In fact, at the time of writing this article, Puerto Rico is currently facing yet another blackout or apagón where about 350,000 Puerto Ricans were left without power.

We spoke to Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, the author and creator of “La Borinqueña Starring Rosario Dawson,” about his journey in creating this powerful icon.

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