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Jharrel Belatina Afro-Latinx

A Hot List of Our Favorite Afro-Latinx Celebs

Whether it is an athlete, a singer, an actor, or even an activist or politician, it is extremely hard to put together a list...
Angry Made a sign BELatina 2020

Women’s March 2020 Best Protest Signs

The 4th Annual Women’s March held on January 18, 2020 in Washington D.C. moved thousands of females, femmes, and allies in a multitudinary event...
Camila Cabello Havana BELatina

15 Songs by Latin Artists that are Sure to Make You Slay Karaoke Night

What is more fun than a night of karaoke? A night of Latin karaoke, por supuesto. If you are hoping to slay it in...
Easy Back to School Lunch BELatina

Balance Bossin’: The Art of Curating the Perfect School Lunches for your Kid

Back to school is almost upon us, which means many more kid-free hours during the day (amen!) but it also means a bit more...
Solo Travel Belatina

The Ultimate Guide for Conquering the World as a Solo Female Traveler

Exploring the world alone as a female might sound seem daunting to some. Safety is always a concern, especially when visiting countries with a...
Father's Day BeLatina

10 Funky, Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Socks, Ties, or Mugs

Ah, Father’s Day gifting. Mother’s Day commerce is notoriously driven by guerrilla marketing, the kind that hawks goods and services, from the saccharine to...
Green Gut Smoothie

Do People Still Drink Smoothies in 2019? Here are the Champion Blends

Smoothies have long since shed their reputation as run-of-the-mill, fruit-based, slurpable diet foods. The latest generation of smoothies uses nutrition as medicine, homing in...
Suavemente Elvis Crespo

20 Iconic Songs that are Built Into the Fabric of Our Culture

Music is a part of a culture’s identity. It plays during gatherings, becomes tied to several memories, and unites people who don’t know each...

15 Kitchen Utensils That Will Give You Abuela-Status Cooking Skills

Taking those first few steps away from the family home into some sort of adulthood is a painful process. As the keys on our...

My Cultural Double Whammy: 15 Things I Have Learned as a Jewish Latina

I arrived in the U.S. a lifetime ago in 1992 with a student visa and plans to return to Colombia once I had finished...

Representation Matters: 15 Latinxs I Saw on TV While Growing Up

I didn’t care much for having Barbie dolls when I was little. I had her Latinx friend Teresa (I still have to find out...

A Look at the Major Indigenous Cultures of 13 Latino Countries

Indigenous culture is an integral part of what it means to be Latino. Before the Europeans arrived to colonize what is now Latin America,...