Do People Still Drink Smoothies in 2019? Here are the Champion Blends

Green Gut Smoothie
Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

Smoothies have long since shed their reputation as run-of-the-mill, fruit-based, slurpable diet foods. The latest generation of smoothies uses nutrition as medicine, homing in on specific health outcomes like improved gut health, immune support, or even better sleep. Many of these recipes have embraced collagen and bone broth benefits, while some have incorporated fermented foods and even cannabis-based ingredients.

Whatever your ailment or need, here are 15 smoothie recipes that will keep you in prime form:

1Love Your Liver

Dragon Fruit Smoothie
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Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, suggests combining an unusual ingredient — pitaya, or dragon fruit — with the usual cast of anthocyanin-rich berries to give your liver some much needed love. Per Williams’s suggestion, pitaya contains a class of antioxidant pigment called betalains, also available in beets, that will help your liver cells regenerate. Use fresh, frozen, or even high-quality powdered pitaya to add into your smoothie.

Liver Rescue Smoothie

1 banana or ¼ Maradol papaya cubed 

1 mango 

½ cup fresh, 1 packet frozen, or 2 tablespoons powdered red pitaya

1 celery stalk

½ cup sprouts (any variety) 

½ lime

Blend everything up until smooth, adding up to a ½ of water to reach your desired consistency.