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Dreams BELatina

Decoding Your Dreams: 10 Common Themes and Their Meanings

Dreams have always been a topic of mystery among people — while some dreams are straightforward, some dreams are not that easy to decipher....
Ditch PJ BELatina

Work From Home: Crush It With These 9 Ground Rules

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to stay in your pajamas, take frequent snack breaks, and work your schedule around daytime...
guava cheese

National Cheese Lover Day: 10 Latin American Recipes That Will Satiate Your Need for...

Cheese lovers listen up: while we are aware that any day you get to devour a bite of cheesy goodness feels like a holiday,...
Malaysia BELatina

Why Traveling to Malaysia Should Be in Everyone’s Bucket List

From mega-diverse jungles packed with a high number of endemic species to colonial towns and breathtaking tropical beaches, Malaysia has it all. This culturally...
Lip Gloss Bianca de la Garza

Move Over Matte Lipstick! The Lip Gloss Is Back Thanks to ‘90s Nostalgia

We are about to start a new decade in a couple of weeks, but the ‘90s nostalgia is bringing back the staples of that...
Latino Vote BELatina

Where the Top Democratic Primary Candidates Stand with Latino Voters

Which of the Democrats will win over Latinos in the primaries? While it´s still not clear, there is one thing that is: the Latino...
Dancing Moon Ritual

‘Cold Moon’ in December: How to Set Your Intentions While Enjoying the Final Full...

The final full moon of the year will arrive just after midnight EST on December 12 and as reported by Space, when the astronomical...
Burts Bees Baby Family Pajamas BELatina

6 Adorable Family Matching Pajamas Sets for the Holidays

Small families, big families, and in-between sized families can enjoy the magic of the ho-ho-holidays wearing matching pajamas sets designed to include even the...
BELatina Mocktails

Holiday Season Sobriety 101: 9 Mocktails that Won’t Give You FOMO

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are almost here. Somehow we skipped past spring, flew through summer, and here we are, debating if...
Encebollado BELatina

Super Sopas: 10 Soups and Stews that Takes Their Cues from Traditional Latin Recipes

Once in a while, when my kids begin to whine about having to finish an adequate portion of the healthy and balanced meal they...
Hair Trend BELatina

How to Create the Ultimate Hair Trend Look

It's time to spice things up, and by spice, we don't mean pumpkin spice, but rather different ways to add excitement to your hairstyle....
Organize your pantry

Cocina Crushing: How to be a Pantry Pro

Two basic ideas hold true on being a pantry pro. One is great aesthetics and organization and the other is shelf life awareness. Michio...