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Eyelashes Fox BeLatina

Flutter Fox: A Newbie Guide to Fake Eyelashes

The phrase, “it’s levels to this s#!t” can be applied to pretty much anything and lashes are high on the list of things that...

Wealth of the Wild: How Indigenous Animals Have Brought Many Cultures to Prosperity

Various cultures throughout the world still hold on to ancient traditions, practices and artistry as a way to bring prosperity to their people and...
Chicana Literature

Summer School: Your Official Chicana Literature Syllabus is Here

Summer is almost here, which means a change of seasons, a change of schedule (if you’re lucky) and a whole lot more time to...
Mani Manicure BeLatina

Nailing the Art of Interesting Manicures: A Primer

“Pick A Color” can be the most intimidating three words in the nail salon. You knew in your mind what you wanted, until you...
FB Bright Eyes

Hello Bright Eyes: 5 Spring Makeup Lewks You Need to Learn How to Rock

As the weather hits above 60, we’re ready to shed the puffer and head outdoors for some well-deserved fun.  We’ve been cooped up all...

What the Truck: The Hottest Latino Food Truck Must-Trys Across the Country

The food truck trend is everywhere, from sporting events to private events to big cities to music/art/food festivals and everything in between. Once upon...
Save Bee Pollinator Biodiversity

Five Takeaways from the Latest UN Report on Biodiversity and Why It Matters to...

A UN report released earlier this week warned that we are headed for a catastrophic loss of biodiversity, with up to a million different...
Cinco De Mayo Denver BeLatina

5 of the Biggest and Best Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo This Weekend

Cinco de Mayo is a truly Mexican-American holiday, celebrating not the history behind the holiday — the humble Mexican defeat of a well-equipped French...
SHRIMP IN RED AGUACHILE Chelada Especial Ceviche

Ceviche Recipe Showdown and Why We Love It For Brunch and Beyond

Ceviche! Ceviche! Ceviche! How much do love ceviche? Ceviche is one of the most iconic dishes of Peru. But do you know how many types of...
Cartagena summer travel belatina

Summer Scheming: 6 Surprising Places in Latin America to Visit This Year

We get it: you’re bored of the same old vacation getaways and looking for a trip that both sparks your imagination and your sense...
Elizabeth Acevedo Julia Alvarez Latina Authors

Palabra Power: 10 Latina Authors You Need to Know

Every few years when you least expect it a new crop of talented Latina authors who’ve dedicated tumultuous years honing their craft and writing...
Saner_edgar BeLatina

When the Writing on the Wall is Art: 10 Latinx Street Artists You Need...

With its bold, vibrant colors and larger-than-life statements, Latinx graffiti art is much more than just spray-painted walls. Far beyond its riveting aesthetic, these...