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Modern Love: How to Rewrite the Rules of Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve planned a fancy dinner or big cheesy romantic gesture for your S.O., it’s easy to get sucked into all of the romantic...

Everything Latinx at Sundance  

Sundance, aka the super glamorous independent film festival everyone secretly wants to attend, just wrapped up in Park City, Utah, and there was a...

Here’s why Nely Galán is the Entrepreneurial Fairy Godmother Every Woman Needs to Know

When NBC was looking for a Latina contestant for Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, the network had something very specific in mind: a successful Latina...

13 Reasons Why Mia Mingus is the Kind of Feminist Everyone Loves

Meet Mia Mingus: She identifies as a queer, physically disabled, Korean woman, transracial, and transnational adoptee. It’s a mouthful, and if it is a...
Dulce Email Featured BeLatina

No Self-Love? No Problem: You Can Get Affirmations Emailed to You Every Day

Experts argue that self-love is an important, if not the most important, part of living a happy, fulfilled, and inspired life. And yet, many...
Milk and Honey Natural BeLatina

How to Navigate the Sudden Onslaught of Natural Deodorants on the Market

In the world of body odor and personal hygiene, going au natural is a really nice idea, but you have to do it right....

Health Tripping: The Rise of Psychedelics in Modern Medicine

Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics’ unique capacity to treat mental health conditions. However, psychedelics are considered...
Detention Deaths Immigration

Taking Stock of All Immigrant Deaths in Detention Centers

Death in Detention While the death of a child at the border brings particular public scrutiny to the federal government’s handling of immigration, the sober...
Cacao Fruit Costa Rica

Holy Cacao: How an Ancient Mayan Superfood Became a Centerpiece of Modern Hippie Culture

Cacao is steeped in the right kind of ancient history that draws our attention and desire to connect with the wisdom of people's past....
Fall Hair Color Trends You Didn't Know You Needed belatina

Fall Hair Color Trends You Didn’t Know You Needed

Autumn is a great season to switch up your strands and deep reds and browns continue to be a must during fall. We can...

13 Things Women Were Not Allowed to Do (and How We’ve Changed That)

Women have made huge strides in the fight for equality, and sometimes we take for granted all the monumental achievements  that have been accomplished....