Know the Creativeness In Astrology Through the Mind of Mexican ‘Brujx’ Mika Vidente

Know the Creativeness In Astrology Through the Mind of Mexican ‘Brujx’ Mika Vidente
Photo Credit: Mika Vidente, Instagram

Whether you believe in astrology or not, horoscope predictions have surely appeared in your Instagram feed at least once. In the form of memes, videos, games, or even themed descriptions — a Bad Bunny song based on your zodiac sign, for instance — this type of content certainly has an open field for the use of creativity.

For Mexican astrologer Mika Vidente, social media mixed with horoscopes, colors, trending topics, and easy-to-understand content has been the perfect formula that led the tarot reader — he’s the perfect brujx — to gain a huge following interested in learning about this practice.

Every week, Mika religiously posts his long-awaited horoscopes along with the lucky colors to use or wear for the next seven days. This last one has brought people to share the shades they’re wearing on their Instagram accounts and tag the astrologer as a way to let him know that they’re following his advice.

Mijx, if you use these (colors) on the right day, they’ll help you balance the energy of the day, and they’ll bring you a bunch of luck,” Mika writes in his weekly post. “Use them wherever and however. It can be in your clothes, accessories, makeup, drawings, Excel documents, or your wallpaper. Whenever and however, but use them.”

Mika would never leave a trending topic behind without adding his astrological touch to it. The brujx has done it all. If you’re looking for specific things, such as your zodiac sign’s “wordart,” you’ll find it on the astrologer’s Instagram page @mika_vidente.

There’s plenty of fresh, easy-to-read, and fun information on Mika’s page that goes from zodiac matches and funny memes to FIFA horoscope predictions

However, the Mexican vidente is not only about horoscopes. Part of the content he shares with his followers is based on short educational tips about astrology, where he summarizes important happenings that people should be aware of.

If that’s not — astrologically — enough, Mika also has his Witch Please podcast he and co-host Her Aldre release every Monday on Spotify. 

Seems like I just found the perfect astrology teacher…and it’s totally free!

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