10 Badass Latinas You Should Follow

Latinas to follow BELatina Latinx
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At BELatina, we celebrate women all year long. We are proud to elevate the voices of those who blaze trails, inspire, and empower. And these ten amazing women don’t fall short when it comes to being role models, especially in the Latina community.

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, someone to teach you some makeup tricks, or someone who inspires, these women should be on your radar.

Linda Elaine 

Linda Elaine is an Afro-Latina wellness and lifestyle influencer who has become famous for her Instagram profile and YouTube channel. She shares videos and tips on better connecting with yourself through gratitude mantras and making wellness part of your routine.

Desi Perkins

Famous beauty influencer and entrepreneur Desi Perkins is the queen when it comes to makeup, and in addition to this, Desi has launched her own brand of beauty products and an eyewear brand. On her Instagram page, you can find all kinds of things related to beauty, fashion, and maternity.

Ada Rojas

The influencer who documents her life in New York is undoubtedly one of those who uses her networks to shed light on living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of manifestations in everything you do. Ada is also co-founder of the beauty brand Botanika Beauty which creates Afro-Latina-focused hair products.

Stevie Yay

Stevie Yay is an influencer and founder of Yay for the Earth, a company that makes organic and natural lotions and beauty products. Her Instagram is full of sustainable fashion tips, sites, and products that would help you lead a more eco-friendly life.

Michelle Lewin

This Latina fitness influencer has gained fame over the years for her incredible physique and her drive to help others find a healthier lifestyle through exercise.

Krystal Lora 

Krystal has gained a large audience thanks to her accurate and funny reviews of the latest technology you can see in the market. She also does unboxings of products she acquires for herself. Thousands of people follow Krystal’s tips.

Alondra Ortiz

Better known on her social networks as AlondraDessy, the beauty influencer is a makeup expert who amasses an audience of millions of people. On her Instagram page, you can find any makeup and fashion tips you need.

Cindy Villaseñor

The influencer who wants to help make a low-waste lifestyle something easy that anyone can do. Cindy dedicates her site to creating content and tips for people looking to positively impact our planet.

Valeria Hinojosa

Influencer, entrepreneur, and Yogi, Valeria Hinojosa shares her adventures and seeks to educate the masses on how to lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. She advocates for mental health and sheds light on important issues.

Judy Lemon

This influencer and expert thrifter has a colorful Instagram page full of all kinds of outfits that inspire. Judy helps people and gives tips on how and where the best places are to get your second-hand clothes while supporting local businesses.

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