Treat Yourself with Delicious Banana Bread Baked with Take Two Barley Milk

Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/BrandStar
Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/BrandStar

As per usual, BELatina TV episodes made us hungry. This time around, for episode two, our mouths watered as Chef James used Take Two barley milk to bake the tastiest and softest chocolate banana bread. 

It looked even better than all the baking I did during the quarantine induced by the pandemic. Could it have been because I’m not a trained chef or that I wasn’t using the right ingredients?

Well, it’s a bit of both. But I will say that using quality ingredients heightened the experience.

I was blown away by how Take Two plant-based barley milk added an extra “oomph” to the consistency of the banana bread Chef James baked in the second episode. It was delicious and it increased the intensity of the high-quality flavor. 

Best of all, you can enjoy Take Two’s chocolate flavor option with a nice piece of banana bread once it’s fully baked. How great is that? 

Find the recipe below and tell us how it goes!

Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/ BrandStar
Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/ BrandStarPhoto courtesy of BELatina TV/ BrandStar

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