BELatina’s Best of the Week: Financial Education, the Trejos Sisters, Ceci Bastida, and More

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Dear readers, we are not going to lie to you — this has been a tough week. The accumulated fatigue and our tenacity in telling the stories that matter most to our community seem to be taking a toll on us.

How are you guys doing? Are you doing your meditations and staying hydrated? We’re really trying, and it’s because of your support and our conviction that we know the fatigue has merit.

Just take a look at our stories of the week!

These past five days, we talked about unheard-of music festivals, reveled in our favorite artists’ outfits at the Met Gala, spoke with Patty Juarez about financial literacy, and chatted with music icon Ceci Bastida. And that wasn’t all!

Check out all the best stories of the week on BELatina:

Phoenix Hosts First-Ever Latina Indie Music Festival

The Funky Latina Fest BELatina Latinx
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Over the past weekend, Phoenix was the scene of the state’s – and probably the country’s – first Latino indie music festival. Organized by Elyssa “The Funky Latina” Bustamante, a local music blogger and event producer, the “The Funky Latina” festival is another phenomenon moving from social media to the big stage.

Bad Bunny and Eiza Gonzalez Among Latinos Who Dazzled the Red Carpet at Met Gala

Latinos at the Met Gala BELatina Latinx
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The world’s most important fashion event rolled out the red carpet for Latino talent. Dressed according to the Gilded Glamour theme, our favorite artists left everyone open-mouthed.

Financial Analyst Patty Juarez Explains the Importance of Financial Education in the Latino Community

Patty Juarez Financial education BELatina Latinx
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With more than 26 years in commercial banking, financial analyst Patty Juarez has a thing or two to teach us about financial education. In an exclusive conversation with BELatina, Juarez explained the new banking initiatives to include and educate our community.

‘Aquí Me Quedo/Here I Stay,’ an Exhibition of Two Latina Printmakers With a Feminist Lens

Aquí Me Quedo/Here I Stay BELatina Latinx
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Opening May 6 and running through July 3, the exhibition features Chanto (Costa Rica, 1969-2015) and Ramírez (the Dominican Republic, 1957-2019) in a direct interchange, emphasizing their experimental printmaking techniques, embodied feminism, and political dissent, which define both women’s exceptional work.

Meet the Trejos Sisters, the Talent Behind Pinkafé

Trejos Sisters BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of the Trejos Sisters.

Natalia and Carolina Trejos are the creators behind Pinkafé, a community that motivates women to take action, maximize their potential, and find value in collaborating with each other. BELatina had the pleasure of talking to the Trejos sisters about their trajectory and projects.

Ceci Bastida Is the Alt-Latina Fighting for Immigration Rights and More Through Music

Ceci Bastida BELatina Latinx
Image courtesy of Twitter.

Ceci Bastida was a pioneer in many spheres. She was a longtime collaborator with Julieta Venegas in the ska-punk band Tijuana No!, an advocate for political issues such as immigration and the war on drugs, and a member of the Morrisey and Smiths cover band Mexrrissey. Currently, Ceci Bastida is working on her fourth solo album, which she combines with her role as a mother, the launch of a new podcast, and her work as a volunteer at a child advocacy center. With all this on her plate, BELatina is deeply grateful that Bastida took the time to talk to us about her current and future projects.

How the Overturning of Roe v. Wade Would Affect Women of Color and Why You Should Care

Roe v. Wade Women of Color BELatina Latinx
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The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion indicating that it could overturn Roe v. Wade has put activists and anyone with a modicum of common sense on alert in recent days. The Supreme Court’s vote sends a loud and clear message to the country and the entire world: women do not have the right to choose over their own bodies. Instead, any institution controlled by male, white, conservative members can decide for them.

Trauma Dumping, What You Need To Know About This Social Media Phenomenon

Trauma Dumping BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

How many times have we felt forced to hear someone on Instagram or TikTok crudely describe experiences that are triggering? Trauma dumping is exactly as it sounds — the act of bringing up traumatic events in casual conversation. In these situations, the person or people listening (or reading) do not get the opportunity to consent or voice whether or not they want to hear about the details of that trauma. We explain this phenomenon and why you should be aware of it.

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