BELatina’s Best of the Week: Nalleli Cobo, the Depp vs. Heard Trial, And More

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Happy Friday, BELatina, and happy Pride month!

We begin one of the most important months for our team, determined to celebrate diversity, the right to love, and committed to continuing the fight for equal rights.

This week has been full of work, ongoing projects, and fantastic stories. From the well-deserved recognition of Latina activist Nalleli Cobo to the end of the Depp v. Heard trial, these are the best stories of the week at BELatina.

Young Latina Nalleli Cobo Is Recognized With the Prestigious Goldman Environmental Award

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At the age of nine, Nalleli Cobo first became involved in community activism. Her journey began when she realized she was often sick. Her frequent headaches, stomachaches, nosebleeds, and body spasms turned into asthma and palpitations. Soon after, Nalleli learned that others in her community also had similar problems. After organizing her community and embarking on a fight worthy of David and Goliath, Nalleli became an icon of the environmental struggle.

A Conversation With LALIFF’s ‘My Two Voices’ Director Lina Rodriguez

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LALIFF has been the premier event for “My Two Voices,” the new project by Colombian-Canadian director Lina Rodriguez. “My Two Voices” addresses the plight of three Latina immigrant women in a “poetic reflection on the fluid nature of identity.” BELatina had the opportunity to speak with Lina Rodríguez about “My Two Voices,” the stories behind it, and the creative process behind the documentary.

Meet Yasmín Ramírez, Author of ‘¡Ándale, Prieta!’, Who Transformed Her Personal Struggles Into a Unique Narrative

Yasmín Ramírez BELatina Latinx
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Yasmín Ramírez is a talented and acclaimed Latina author who grew up in El Paso, Texas, on the U.S. Mexico border. “¡Ándale, Prieta!” is her debut book, a memoir inspired by her relationship with her grandmother and written as a way to help her cope with her loss after her grandmother passed. Yasmín shared with BELatina how her upbringing on the U.S. Mexico border impacted her life and writing, what first inspired her to write her memoir, and what she hopes Latina readers take away from her story and her experiences as an author. 

Witty Ways To Respond to Your Tía When She Calls Your Partner ‘Amiguita’

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Something that does follow LGBTQ+ people year-long is dismissive family members, especially in the Latino community. For instance, instead of asking about your boyfriend or girlfriend, they will ask about your “little friend” or “amiguito/amiguita.” And that’s not something anyone should put up with. Your relationship is as valid as their third marriage, so it’s time we put an end to their dismissive and condescending comments. Next time they try to pretend your significant other is just a friend, remind them who they are — and hit them back with witty comments (in Spanish) that will slap them harder than Soraya Montenegro. 

Let’s Talk About Urban Art in Puerto Rico

Urban Art in Puerto Rico BELatina Latinx
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In Puerto Rico, where access to different kinds of resources become harder to come across, funds for arts are the first to be cut, and 52 percent of its population is living under the poverty line after Hurricane María, many have looked to urban art to rebel, create, and heal.

5 of the Most Epic Bilingual Music Crossovers

Crossovers BELatina Latinx
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Music is the universal language by definition. Notes and beats transcend languages in ways that often surprise us. This versatility is evident through “crossover” — musical works aimed at different types of audiences and which, over the last few decades, have offered us the best collaborations between musical genres. Think Karol G’s “Tusa” with Nicki Minaj or Bad Bunny’s “Mia” with Drake. Looking back over our favorite pop culture moments, we came up with five of our favorite Latin music crossovers.  Whether it’s Spanish to English, English to Spanish or both, we can’t get enough of these era-defining pop culture moments. Do you remember when they were released?

Legal Specialist Answers Our Questions After the End of the Depp vs. Heard Trial

Depp vs. Heard BELatina Latinx
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Iconic actor Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard has come to an end, and many were left with a bad taste in their mouths. For a country enveloped in the cancellation culture after the boom of the #MeToo movement, the fact that a man was a victim of spousal violence — as could be glimpsed in the trial — or that the allegations of a woman claiming to be a victim of domestic violence were not upheld, seem to be incongruous. At BELatina, we decided to ask our questions and raise our doubts after the Depp vs. Heard trial to the specialists.

Learning To Live Beyond Deadlines, How the Pandemic Changed Our Perspective on Life Projects

Deadlines Pandemic BELatina Latinx
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It is no secret that our lives and expectations have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The deadlines we had set for our five-year plan have been wholly delayed or postponed until further notice. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; you are not alone.

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