BELatina’s Best of the Week: Yilian Cañizares, TravelerCharly, And More

BELatina Best of the Week Yilian Cañizares Latinx
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Wait a minute, it’s already Friday? Where did the week go?! We still have a lot of stories in the oven, and it seems that time is running out.

But fear not. There are many weeks left in this very productive year.

Take a look at some of the ones we shared these last days.

From the inspiring career of violinist Yilian Cañizares to TravelerCharly’s financial tips, these are the best stories of the week in BELatina.

Meet Yilian Cañizares, the Cuban-Swiss Violinist Who Wants To Take Her Message to the World

Yilian Cañizares BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Yilian Cañizares.

When cultures blend, they become fertile ground for creativity. Yilian Cañizares is the perfect example. This contemporary Cuban-Swiss violinist, singer, and composer is inspired by the two cultures that merge in her identity, as well as by the miles of travel experienced throughout her career.

Pets You Should All Follow and Give Love to on Social Media

Pets online love BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

In a world where serotonin is in short supply, online pet videos and content are a lifesaver for many of us. The tenderness and love of these pets and their humans knows no bounds and reminds us that there is still good in the world. From a diverse community of farm animals to short-snouted dogs, here are four online pets that you should give all of your virtual love to.

Diane Guerrero and Love Beauty and Planet Join Forces to Celebrate Latinas

Diane Guerrero Love Beauty PLanet BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

Looking good and doing good should go hand in hand. That’s what Love Beauty and Planet, the global vegan personal care brand that has joined forces with Colombian-American actress and singer Diane Guerrero to celebrate Latinas, believes.

Meet Lupita Infante, the Mexican-American Feminist of Ranchera Music

Lupita Infante BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Lupita Infante/Randall Slavin.

A legendary family name comes with tremendous pressures — for better or worse. Being the child of an icon in any industry means standing up for one’s talent and fending off speculation of a “silver spoon” upbringing. But for Mexican-American singer-songwriter Lupita Infante, the story has been different. The singer-songwriter follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, Pedro Infante, in terms of the ranchera genre, but with a personal and modern twist. 

Alejandro Corpus, the Genius Behind Keithcity Group, Talks About the Art of Going Viral and More

Alejandro Corpus Keithcity Group BELatina Latinx

Years ago, staying relevant in news stories, whether on the radio, TV, or even YouTube, was a reliable way to gain recognizability. But as we move into a new spectrum, one where the tools for the market are more accessible than ever, thinking outside of the box is a must. Mexican-American creative Alejandro Corpus, the founder of Keithcity Group, is well-aware of this. His day-to-day life revolves around producing viral creations, building brands, and working with Academy award-winning directors. 

Meet Ha Na Teresa Park, the First-Generation Asian-Latina Behind the Social Impact Group Mujeres Del Futuro

Ha Na Teresa Park Mujeres del Futuro BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Mujeres del Futuro.

For Ha Na Teresa Park, growing up in a bicultural household was no easy matter. As a first-generation Asian-Latina immigrant, Park never felt like she truly belonged — she wasn’t Asian, Latina, or American enough. Park has put her efforts into entrepreneurship to create social impact through the power of belonging and founding of the Facebook group Mujeres del Futuro Unidas y Poderosas, which she started in 2019 after reflecting on her own experiences.

TravelerCharly, the Nonbinary Latine Money and Business Wizard

TravelerCharly BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Charly Stoever is a nonbinary Latine money and business coach focused on helping LGBTQ+ and BIPOC folks “make money their bitch.” We at BELatina had the fantastic opportunity to ask them a few questions about their journey, inspiration, experience, and advice.

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