BELatina TV Brings Light to National Diabetes Awareness Month with Latest Episode

TV is not afraid of getting deep and personal with issues affecting the Latino community, which is why it focused on diabetes care in its latest episode. 

Though for some it may seem like diabetes is not something on their radar, the stark reality is that diabetes is said to affect about 50 percent of the Latino community. This is according to a CDC report. 

The Latino community thrives more when provided with information, access to resources, and validation. There’s no question about it. So, BELatina TV hosts, James and Karent, spoke with Dr. Comfort and Abbott Diabetes Care about their Freestyle Libre glucose monitor. 

Of course, BELatina TV featured some heart-healthy recipes thanks to Chef James to spice up the episode even more!

Learn more by watching the episode. It has been included in this article for your viewing pleasure. 

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