Bestie Vibes: Karol G’s Best Friend, Daiky Gamboa, Sets the Record Straight About Their Friendship  

Karol G’s Best Friend, Daiky Gamboa, Sets the Record Straight About Their Friendship  
Credit: YouTube/ @jessicapereira

We all know that Karol G is all about her friendships. She even wrote a song about how much she enjoys her friends for her “Mañana sera bonito” album. If you haven’t heard it, give “besties” a try. But there’s a particular friend who seems to be with her during all her moments: Daiky Gamboa.  


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Daiky Gamboa is another Colombian rising star. He is best known for his work as an influencer and content creator for social media. He is also the owner of called Rifaiky. 

It is undeniable that they have an unbreakable bond. Yet, their friendship has been the subject of much speculation. Rumors have been circulating about their close relationship, with some even speculating that the social media personality has sought financial assistance from the renowned singer. (La gente si es metida.) However, Gamboa is not having it and he’s gone on the record to set everything straight.  

Karol G’s Best Friend, Daiky Gamboa, Gets Personal with Jessica Pereira

Recently, Daiky Gamboa jumped on an interview with the Venezuelan TV host, actress, and model, Jessica Pereira – and he went all in. First, he addressed the ill-natured claims head-on, confirming that he and Karol G share a close connection, but denying any requests for financial aid. Instead, he revealed the invaluable benefits of having the Latina superstar as his “madrina” or godmother. 

In the candid interview, Daiky explained that their relationship has never been about financial gains. Instead, he is careful in not becoming someone who is a financial burden to her. However, he did explain that Karol G has played a pivotal role in guiding and supporting him in his musical journey. Gamboa disclosed that the Colombian singer bought all his equipment when he was embarking on his DJ journey. 

According to Publimetro, Gamboa expressed his gratitude for having Karol G as his best friend. It is evident that their friendship is built on mutual respect and admiration. 

As their friendship continues to flourish, we can expect to see the dynamic duo making waves and creating even more remarkable music together. The music industry, with all its ups and downs, remains a place of support, camaraderie, and friendship, as evidenced by the bond between Karol G and Daiky Gamboa. 

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