Meet Breakout Bachata Duo, JFab & Paola Fabre

Bachata Duo, JFab & Paola Fabre BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of JFab and Paola Fabre.

Bachata, which originated in the Dominican Republic during the 20th century, is a genre that continues to make waves. The lyrical content of most bachata songs is known for their elaborate love stories, hence allowing for the dance to be one of the best expressions of passion and sensuality on the dance floor. Of course, it goes without saying that the syncopated upbeats found in bachata are electrifying enough to give your heart a generous jolt of joy. 

But this isn’t new. We all know how great bachata is.  And the new breakout bachata duo, JFab & Paola Fabre, know it, too. 

JFab &  Paola Fabre are up and coming in the bachata industry who have Monchy y Alexandra vibes and are not afraid to do whatever it takes to have their music heard. 

They officially started on their craft together three years ago, yet they’ve been fervently digging their path for over a decade. Their hard work, however, is paying off, and they are now promoting their first album, “Pa’ Que Te Duela,” which is out today, May 20th, 2021. 

JFab &  Paola Fabre have already released one of their songs from the album, “Dame un chance,” to give their followers and supporters a sneak peek at what they can expect from their audio creation. 

With over 10 million digital reproductions, two million views on YouTube, and being the first bachateros to perform in the esteemed virtual concert, SXSW 2021, there’s no denying that their presence is powerful. Proof of their impact lies in the three billboards in Time Square that will be displayed to promote their album. 

This is definitely the bachata duo to follow. 

Paola Fabre BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of JFab & Paola Fabre.

In a recent interview with BELatina News, Fabre told us that her first encounter with JFab was when she went into his studio to record her single years ago. 

“JFab had been a bachata producer for years, and I went into his studio as a client to sing something I had composed,” she said. “Ten years later, we are married and working on projects together.” 

Their music has been the driving force to their romantic relationship and their love for bachata. 

“I fell in love with Paola when I listened to her years ago,” JFab recounted. “That really was it.” 

They are cultivating their own version of the American Dream and are grateful for the opportunity. 

“JFab is actually from New Jersey,” the “Dame un chance” artist said. “But I am full-blown Dominican. I just got to ‘The United’ six years ago and am so happy to see our dream materialize.” 

Unsurprisingly, they’ve faced some challenges along the way. 

“As a woman trying to make it in this industry, it’s been difficult,” Fabre said. “Women are not often celebrated in bachata.”

“The machismo is still very strong, especially in this genre,” JFab told us. “But we use unjust stereotypes as our gasoline, our motivation.”

Being that many people are starting to compare them to the legendary Monchy y Alexandra, it can be said that they are definitely on the right path. 

“We literally grew up listening to Monchy y Alexandra’s bachata, so it fills us with pride to even have people think of them when they listen to us,” Fabre said. 

Even then, JFab & Paola Fabre understand that their dreams may need some extra help. 

“We will drive for Uber Eats or whatever it takes to make it work,” JFab spoke with pride. “In order to invest in our projects, they must be funded somehow, and there’s no shame in that.”

“There’s no reason for anyone to ever be ashamed of doing honest work,” Fabre added. 

Their humility and their commitment to their craft have allowed them to savor their successes just that much more. 

“This album for us is a dream come true because we feel like enclosed in it is a rainbow of music, a rainbow of bachata,” Fabre told us.  

The greatest part of JFab & Paola is that they want to uplift as many people as possible. 

“I do hope that no woman or anyone falls into stereotyped patterns,” Fabre expressed her support for people.  “Go above that and believe in yourselves and in the potential in you waiting to be unlocked.”

The album will be available on all digital platforms as of today. So please check it out and let them know what you think of their “Pa’ Que Te Duela!”