Breast Cancer Awareness Year-Round: Meet the Hosts of the ‘TYFTS’ Podcast

Breast Cancer Awareness Year-Round: Meet the Hosts of 'TYFTS' belatina latine

Nowadays, there is a plethora of podcasts to choose from. However, we’ve stumbled upon “TYFTS,” or “Too Young for This Sh*t,” a breast cancer podcast where hosts, Rosalina and Shauna, talk about how they managed their lives after their breast cancer diagnoses.

Rosalina lives in Los Angeles, while Shauna lives in New York.

In the upcoming episodes, you can hear about their different journeys and how they both navigated their breast cancer diagnoses. They are both hormone-positive young survivors under 35 who are sharing their journeys in real-time.

Season one was recorded while the hosts were undergoing active treatment — chemotherapy and radiation.

Listen to their introductory episode of “TYFTS” on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you catch up on your podcasts.

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