Here’s How to Capture Love Beyond Valentine’s Day

Here’s How to Capture Love Beyond Valentine’s Day
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This is the week of love. No doubt about it. (No me miren mal). Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, various representations of love are being portrayed – and no one can hide from it. Have you gone to your local pharmacy or grocery store this week? It feels like a love bomb blew up in there.  

Now, while we are on the topic of amor, it is important to understand that it manifests itself in different ways. Love can be shown beyond behaviors influenced by consumerism. Although, this doesn’t mean that gifts or showing love through tangible items aren’t valid. That’s the beauty of love – its versatility. 

But let’s talk about love-filled moments. What do we do with those?  

Aside from storing them tightly in our hearts and minds, it’s important we don’t let these memories dissipate. There have been many times when I failed to take a video or photo of an event that made my heart skip a beat – and I regret it. There is nothing sweeter than going through images where you were truly happy or when those around you were as happy as well. Memories are fleeting, even if we keep our minds as sharp as possible.  

That is why capturing the love around you in a way that allows you to relive those moments over and over again is vital.

So, check out our favorite ways to have those days where love felt endless live beyond our minds! Yes, we are talking about days beyond Valentine’s Day, too.  

Be aware of special moments before and after Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, we aren’t aware that we are living some of the greatest days of our lives. These moments go beyond one day of the year. This is why it’s important to consciously live in the present. For some, living in the present may mean removing any external factors from what’s happening to you or around you, but there’s no harm in wanting to relive these moments at a later date. So, if you’re laughing so hard it hurts or can’t seem to stop smiling, take this as a hint that this is a treasured moment. Journal about it, share a social media story or tell your circle about it. After all, memories are kept forever through stories too.  

Let it be a shared affair

You shouldn’t be the only one tasked to capture love. It should be a joint effort. Take pictures with each other’s phones or cameras and share whatever was captured. If you’re sharing the images or videos on social media, make sure you are tagging the people experiencing the beautiful moment with you and vice versa. And, of course, let this be on other days that are not Valentine’s Day. Amor has no one day. 

Make memories tangible

Beyond our phones and our social media, it is time we go back to square one. It’s time we start printing out our photos and displaying them at home. After all, our homes are nothing more than a space yearning for memories, both new and old. Though there are many ways you can display your memories, we do have a staff favorite at BELatina.  

A lot of us are fans of Acrylic Wall Art and it’s been quite the challenge to find something that is of high quality, wallet-friendly, and with fast delivery. Lucky for you, we took it upon ourselves to try what’s out in the “memory-keeping market” and found that MyPhoto had the best options. You can go easily go with MyPhoto’s AirGlass™, which can be considered the world’s lightest photo wall art. You can also try their Modern Metal, a special Block that allows any photo of yours to be HD printed onto high-quality aluminum.  

It also has a ready-to-hang Wall Mount option to enhance your wall décor. If you’re looking for something more straightforward, you should go for their Stickables. This is probably the most fun you’ll have hanging photos. Stickables are mini–Acrylic Photos that stick and re-stick practically anywhere. It’s almost like creating your own Instagram grid, but in real life, and in person. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful way to bring tangibility to your memories? 

As you can see, there are many ways to capture love beyond Valentine’s Day.  

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