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BELatina’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Embrace the spirit of love with BELatina's Valentine's Day Gift Guide, thoughtfully curated to celebrate the unique tastes of every individual in your life. https://issuu.com/military.makeover/docs/bel_valentines_day_guide

Here’s How to Capture Love Beyond Valentine’s Day

This is the week of love. No doubt about it. (No me miren mal). Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, various...

Hot Take: Self-Love is the Name of the Season

The season of love is here. At least, that’s what we are told it is. After all, celebrating love can take place yearlong. Yet,...

Why You Should Be Looking Forward to Singles Awareness Day

Society has long enjoyed the art of categorizing. Labeling used to place individuals in a subset of a group helping generalize their behavior. Women...