Here’s How You Can Celebrate ‘World Arepa Day’ This Weekend

Here’s How You Can Celebrate ‘World Arepa Day’ This Weekend belatina latine

Whether you’re Venezuelan or Colombian, I have yet to find someone who doesn’t love the delicious dish that arepas are. This month, arepas have their own — and very special — day on Saturday, September 10, and you can join in on the celebration.

Originally promoted by the organization Venezolanos en el Mundo (VenMundo) during an event to support Venezuelans in 2012, “World Arepa Day” is now celebrated each year on the second Saturday of September.   

‘World Arepa Day’ promotes peace

VenMundo is dedicating this year’s special day to promoting peace with the slogan “Una AREPA por la PAZ.” The organization is encouraging social media users to participate by taking photos (or videos) and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok using the hashtags #DíaMundialDeLaArepa, #UnaArepaPorLaPaz, or #WorldArepaDay.

If you’d like to celebrate “World Arepa Day” at a local restaurant, here are some options of places where you can find this dish around the country.

Los Angeles, CA

Coffee For Breakfast, located at 11482 Burbank Blvd

The Arepa Stand, located at 3826 Grand View Blvd

Sus Arepas, located at 785 Bay St

Dallas, TX

Arepa Nation, located at 123 Taylor St

Hola Café, 2662 N Josey Ln Ste 214

El Portal Cafe, 2810 Trinity Mills Ste 191

Here’s How You Can Celebrate ‘World Arepa Day’ This Weekend belatina latine


Miami, FL

Doggi’s Arepa Bar, located at 1246 SW 22nd St

La Ventana Restaurant, located at 710 Washington Ave Ste 2

Freshty Route 305 (formerly known as Healthy Route 66), located at 10201 Hammocks Blvd

New York, NY

Arepa Lady, located at 77-17 37th Ave​​

Costas – Arepa Bar, located at 30 W 35th St

Arepas Cafe, located at 3307 36th Ave

Chicago, IL

ArePA George, located at 1552 N Kenzie Ave

Bienmesabe, located at 29 E Adams St

Rica Arepa, located at 2913 N Lincoln Ave

If you don’t feel like going out this Saturday or are feeling a little creative, you can always make your own arepas at home. Don’t forget to share them on social media though! 

I’ll for sure be celebrating “World Arepa Day” this weekend. 

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