BELatina’s Long Weekend Recap: Bad Bunny, ‘Rings of Power,’ and More

BELatina’s Long Weekend Recap: Bad Bunny, ‘Rings of Power,’ and More belatina latine

¡Buenas, buenas! Labor Day weekend has fleeted and now it’s back to reality. 

As many workers used this past weekend to recharge their batteries (though not everyone because of the incessant demands of capitalism), multicultural communities continued to make headlines – including ours. 

Unsurprisingly, Bad Bunny was yet again newsworthy over the weekend. There was also a college in Utah that had a grand announcement for Latinas and the Latine community a few days ago.

Let’s take a look at what else happened during the long weekend. 

One of the University of Utah’s Largest Colleges Announces its First Latina Dean

BELatina’s Long Weekend Recap: Bad Bunny, ‘Rings of Power,’ and More belatina latine
Credit: Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Californian native, Michelle Camacho, became the University of Utah’s College of Social and Behavioral Science’s first Latina dean. She is the daughter of a Bolivian immigrant mother who, according to the KSL, struggled to make ends meet. Though her unique life experiences led her to endure moments of imposter syndrome, she will now use these events to empower students who might feel they don’t belong. 

“I think growing up, at times, I didn’t see that as a characteristic that would eventually make me stronger or more resilient,” Camacho told KSL. 

 We wish Camacho much success!

New Mexico’s Cine Magnifico Latino Film Festival Turns Ten

BELatina’s Long Weekend Recap: Bad Bunny, ‘Rings of Power,’ and More belatina latine

Cine Magnifico Latino Film Festival, whose sole purpose is to make Latino cinema available to the community of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is celebrating its first decade by extending its program over two weeks as reported by The Paper.

The festival begins on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at the NHCC’s Bank of America Theater. Visit for more information.

Bad Bunny Swoons the Made in America Crowd


Made in America, a music festival curated by Hip-Hop legend, Jay-Z, meshed multiple genres and cultures together. In an attempt to appeal to the Latine community, Bad Bunny was brought on stage where his “World’s Hottest Tour”’ was felt at the Philadelphia stadium. And it was a sure-fire hit – as expected. 

During his performance, he reminded the Made in America crowd that Latinos are the highlight of America.

“Made in America, Latinos make America,” Bad Bunny said; “it’s important that we remember that.”

We don’t disagree with Benito. 

Dembow is Getting the Spotlight with the Upcoming Documentary, ‘La cuna del dembow’

Dembow, an urban genre that derives from the Dominican Republic, is getting the recognition it deserves. 

The documentary, “Amazon Music presents: La cuna del dembow, República Dominicana,” airs on September 8th. It was directed by Rodrigo Rodríguez and produced by Jessy Terrero.

Artists such as Farruko, Chimbala, La Perversa, and Yailin La más viral participated. El Alfa and Tokischa, who are some of the genre’s biggest stars at the moment, don’t seem to make an appearance.

Will you be tuning in? 

Some People Are Losing it Over ‘The Rings of Power’ Inclusivity – And WTF?

As usual, racists have their panties in a bunch. Over the weekend, they were offended because the highly anticipated fantasy series, Lord of the Rings: The Rings Of Power, has a diverse cast. Though it has been well received by critics for its cinematography, cast performances, and more, some fans are caught in a collective tantrum.​​ (Insert eye roll here.) 

These people are now on a mission to bomb the reviews and make the series look worse than it really is. Amazon had to suspend its user’s ability to leave reviews.

Puerto Rican actor, Ismael Cruz Córdova, who plays the Elven warrior Arondir, responded to the racist backlash about the importance of representation. 

In a thread, he mentions how “it’s not about the billboard – it’s about becoming unmissable, undeniable, irrevocably present and rooted, as a people, as beings, as individuals.” 

His first message in the thread ends with “And we have been here.”

Even though the racist trolls are trying to spoil the series, many have flocked to commend its diversity. 

Have you watched The Rings of Power yet?

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