Chic and Comfy Clothes to Start the New Year

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Ladies, we’re well into January, which means we’re back to the routine. The best way to start a new chapter is with a look that reflects that renewal.

Temperatures continue to drop, and many of us have become used to the comfort of pandemic-living and working from home, so we bring you a small list of ideas and trends for this year so you can continue to be chic without having to leave comfort aside.

It is not necessary to completely renovate your closet to renew your look. You can use basic garments that you already have with others that you do not usually use and come out with a whole different outfit. The secret is in how you combine them.


Shirts, jackets, coats, and vests are basic garments that we all have in our closets and that you can combine with anything. Some good options to use them in a chic and comfortable way this year are:

Oversized shirts

Oversized shirts BELatina Latinx
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Oversized shirts have come and gone throughout the years in fashion, and this year will be no exception. Embracing the theme of comfort, this is a garment that will undoubtedly make you look more dressed up without having to overdo it.

Wear them with flowing fabrics, neutral colors, and pair them with wide pants to achieve a more casual look. Or you can wear them alone as a dress and with a touch of color combined with a pair of loafers for a fresh and youthful look. Just make sure you don’t button it all the way up.

Oversized Coats

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Coats are the kind of garments that make you look chic and stylish no matter what you wear underneath. The bigger and longer, the better. 

Soft fabrics like wool and neutral colors are the best option when it comes to coats. They are very versatile garments that you can combine with a dress, a simple jean look, and even with sweatpants. And if you want to make a statement with your coat, go for a bright and bold color.

Puffer jackets and vests

Puffer jackets and vests BELatina Latinx
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A good puffer jacket or vest is a must in your closet. It is undoubtedly the warmest and most comfy coat and a garment that can elevate any look if you know what to combine it with.

Preferably unicolored and in more neutral tones, depending on the look you want to achieve, you can use them with jeans or, if you want something a little more chic, combine them with not-too-tight leather pants.

You can use the same tips when combining the vests and use a good knitted sweater underneath, or wear them in a bright color, making them stand out and be the protagonist.

Knit dresses

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Talking about garments that make us feel chic, loose and glamorous dresses are the way to go. You can stay with the comfort of knitwear and soft fabrics without abandoning the chicness of a good dress.

Choose shapes that are not too tight but still flatter your figure and colors that you can combine with coats and other garments already in your closet. The advantage of a woven dress is their softness and how they make you feel like you never took your pajamas off.


A good skirt and a good pair of pants can make or break your outfit. This year comes with great options and comfort, from wide-leg trousers and culotte pants to maxi skirts.

Wide-leg pants and culotte pants

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If feeling chic is the goal, pants are always a safe option, especially if they are wide-legged, because they highlight your figure and make your waist look smaller. Not to mention they are very comfortable and practical.

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Neutral colors are the best option when we want a versatile garment that goes well with many things and bright colors for special occasions. Wide-leg trousers are preferred when looking for a more elegant look and culottes when you want a more casual yet chic look. Make sure both have a high cut to elongate the figure.

Tube Maxi skirts

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Maxi skirts are very comfortable, and we always associate them with summer feels, but they can be very stylish and elegant, specifically tube-shaped ones. If you are one of those who want to show just a little leg, this is your skirt.

The tube shape with a small cut to the knee is the best option because it elongates your figure, and the cut gives the illusion of movement and fluidity. Soft fabrics and unicolor are the go-to when you want to add a maxi skirt to your closet.


Last but not least: shoes, because, let’s be honest, they are the cherry on top of every look. When it comes to comfort, the key is always knowing how to choose the ideal footwear.

Chunky loafers and boots

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The return of a classic and comfortable shape following the trend of oversized and voluminous garments, chunky soled shoes are unique pieces that help balance and complement your look. Nothing is more comfortable than a flat shoe.

Chunky loafers and boots comfy clothes BELatina Latinx
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Chunky boots are perfect to wear with dresses and oversized shirts. Although most of them are made of leather, you can make a statement by wearing them in a bold color. Loafers and laced ups for more dressy looks with pants and skirts.

Now, with this list and little tips on how to use them, you can play with everything you have in your closet. Go wild and make all kinds of combinations, pops of color, layers of different fabrics, and create volumes with your outfit by adding fun accessories. 

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