Meet Chispa App’s New Sticker Collaborators: Millennial Lotería and Chingona Inc.

Meet Chispa App’s New Sticker Collaborators: Millennial Lotería and Chingona Inc. BELatina News latinx

In 2020, it was reported that three-in-ten U.S. adults have tried online dating. Come to think of it, even I owe my current serious relationship to online dating. For those who criticize or side-eye this modern digital form of dating – get over it. It’s real and it has worked for many people around me. Sure, there are other ways of finding companionship, but why discard this fun one that you can do by downloading a free app?

One of the dating apps that is specifically designed for Latines is Chispa App. It currently boasts more than 120 million matches and more than six million downloads in the U.S. We’ve already talked before about the many benefits that this app can bring to you. Now, think outside the box: The app can help you connect with like-minded people, can help spark ideas, or better yet help you develop an endearing friendship. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all about finding your next bebesitx.

Whatever way you use it, the app just got more creative. 

It recently paired up with Mike Alfaro’s Millennial Lotería, and Viridiana Osio’s Chingona Inc. on individual stickers. This will take the app’s personalization game to the next level. From the new “beisbol fan” card stickers to “powered by horchata” stickers – here’s what the two owners worked on.


What were your first go-to elements to add to the sticker collab?

Mike Alfaro: When Chispa approached me, they really wanted to collab with Millennial Lotería. Our product is based on this tradition of classic gameplay within Hispanic culture. And it’s very nostalgic, so I wanted to make sure that these stickers looked like lotería cards from my end when I designed it because that really feels nostalgic for people to use on their page. So, I definitely wanted to create stuff that would fit in the lotería format. They brought to me some ideas of, you know, [for what] we could do for people who [are from] Mexico. [For example,] We could make an “Hecho en México” card. We can [also] make a “Boricua” card. We can make a card for Bad Bunny fans, or people that love baseball or fútbol. Also, modern cards could represent people who are gamers [and] who love the gaming community – or people who identify as trans or queer or non-binary and have that representation for the LGBT+ community.

Viridiana Osio: We wanted to, of course, have the element of La Chingona since my brand represents women’s empowerment. And so I think the main stickers that really represent my brand are, “La Jefa,” “El Jefe,” “La Chingona,” “Horchata life,” and all the food fun ones. With my brand, it’s really important that it welcomes Spanglish speakers. A lot of my sayings are both in Spanish and English, a combination. It’s really adhering to that Latino community that came here, immigrated here, speaks Spanish and English that we’re from here, and we’re from there as well. It was really a lot of fun to create some fun food ones.

How did you two start your business? We focus on a lot of entrepreneurship, and we always love to include these narratives to help inspire the next generation and readers that are interested.

Mike Alfaro: Millennial Lotería started as an idea to create a representation that’s modern for Latino audiences. I actually spoke to BELatina a long time ago when we first started.  We wanted a profile when we first started Millennial Lotería. And it’s been great to see how much we’ve been able to grow and all the different collaborations that we’ve been able to do because of the support of the Latino market. We’re a huge market here in the United States. I mean, there’s over 60 million of us, and so it’s a huge market for Latino entrepreneurs and Latino businesses to talk to, authentically, and to create products for this community that feel real and feels that they honor not only the culture of where we come from, but also represent us today.

Viridiana Osio: Chingona Inc. started a couple of years ago. It started during a time when nobody would hire me as a graphic designer. I was about to throw in the towel because I was not getting any replies back. So, I decided to start designing things for fun, just for me. I was looking in particular for a chingona sticker because I’ve always loved the word chingona, and how it made me feel. I grew up with that word in my household. I remember there weren’t very many Latino designs, especially ones that were feminine. So, I started creating some for fun, and people started buying them. I was just like, ‘okay, I’m onto something.’ And it started with everything chingona. I just wanted to bring a lot of representation to my Latinas. My brand really is about empowering other Latinas to follow their dreams. There is no limit for Latinas – for a chingona. My advice is to just go for it.

Do you two have anything else to add about the Chispa App?

Mike Alfaro: You can go in and search for other people who have used that sticker and find people who are part of that community as well. It’s a good way to narrow down who you want to go on a date with. Are you looking for a Bad Bunny fan to take you to his concert? Well, this is a good way to do it.

Viridiana Osio: I definitely think it’s really fun to interact with the stickers. The more people do it, the better it will be. I think it’s a good conversation starter or it can help break that ice – to kind of find out a little bit more about someone else and get the conversation going.

Check out their sticker collaboration with Chispa App. Don’t forget to follow Millennial Lotería and Chingona Inc.!

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