Valerie Ponzio’s Country Rendition of Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love”

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In 1995 for five consecutive weeks, “I Could Fall in Love” occupied the second place on the Hot Latin Tracks, making it the highest-ever English-language song on that chart. The song, released after the death of Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, and composed by Keith Thomas, became an anthem to all women and men trying to find love but seems to be unattainable. The single went from being the 1990s popular wedding song to have multiple versions and covers and be everyone’s life soundtrack.

Acclaimed for decades, “I Could Fall in Love” became one of Selena’s most recognizable songs, and artists including the former Cheetah Girls vocalist Adrienne Bailon, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan, season three American Idol contestant Lisa Leuschner and Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles adapted and performed the song in a variety of genres. In 2019, 24 years after its release, the pop ballad keeps resonating with the new generations; Therefore, Valerie Ponzio, a Mexican-American singer from El Paso and best known for being on #TeamBlake on NBC’s “The Voice”, just released a beautiful country rendition of the song like you’ve never heard it before. “This song is an ode to how strong Latina figures, such as Selena, have inspired young Latinas like me — it’s a mix of worlds that she was pioneering between Tejano, Pop and even a little bit of country culture,” says Ponzio, “It lends itself musically and lyrically to be channeled as a country song,” 

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For the Nashville-based, Latina country singer from Texas, recording this iconic jam felt like a walk down memory lane. “As I recorded the vocals for this song, I thought about when I would go to Juarez with my church when I was 14 and about the beautiful people I met there,” recalls the artist. “There was a boy I had a crush on (and he had a crush on me, too). He had to leave to go find work, so I never saw him again. I think about how different our lives were; where I ended up and where he may have ended up,” says Ponzio. “This song represents everything about where I come from and what I grew up listening to.”

Undoubtedly, this four minutes forty-one seconds song, had an astonishing cultural impact and Ponzio’s cover is a new perspective that shows that “I Could Fall in Love” will live forever and still has a whole more to offer. 

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