Eduardo Franco, the Latino Actor From ‘Stranger Things’ Conquering Audiences

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The latest season of “Stranger Things,” the acclaimed sci-fi/horror series created by the Duffer brothers and aired on Netflix, had us this long weekend glued to our couch.

Three years after seeing Hawkins Mall go into total chaos, the characters of Eleven, Mike, and Dustin have new companions in their adventures. Among them was Latino actor Eduardo Franco.

Franco plays Argyle, Jonathan’s new Californian friend, who, with his van, accompanies the gang to save the world.

Eduardo Franco is a 27-year-old actor most famous for his roles as Spencer in “American Vandal” and high school student Theo in Olivia Wilde’s first film, “Booksmart.”

His humor and long hair have made Franco a new Latino talent that we will undoubtedly be following closely.

Speaking about the new character, Ross Duffer recently told and other press that “Jonathan has a new best friend named Argyle, played by Eduardo Franco, who works at a place called Surfer Boy Pizza.”

“Argyle is your quintessential ’80s stoner. Even though this is an overall darker season, there’s also comedy. There’s still fun to be had throughout the adventures this year.”

In a 2019 interview, Eduardo talked about what it was like growing up in a working-class environment and trying to make it in Hollywood. He said his parents – a housewife and a businessman — worked extremely hard, and even from a young age, he wanted to repay the kindness and love they had shown him. In his first job at a movie theater, Eduardo wanted to save up to buy a car but gave the money to his parents for bills.

Eduardo noted that his parents could not financially support him on his trip to Los Angeles. He also said that many people who break into Hollywood already have the financial stability to do so.

“A lot of times, they don’t want to explain that. They don’t want to say that in interviews. But a lot of times, you know, kids, they come in, and they got all that stuff. They’ve got an entire foundation beneath them that they’re sitting on,” Franco said.

As Distractify remembers, Eduardo also mentioned that his long, shiny hair was maintained in part thanks to an aunt who owned a hair salon just across the Mexican border from his hometown of Yuma, Arizona. However, it wasn’t always easy to cross back and forth, thanks to U.S. customs, so the extended time between haircuts became a hairstyle that has become her signature.

Speaking about the new season of “Stranger Things,” Eduardo Franco told ET that “Argyle is experiencing life-threatening situations that they’re almost desensitized to. They’re used to anything. You can throw anything at them.”

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