Embrace Your Superpower: ‘I Am Brilliance – La Borinqueña’ Doll Empowers Young Latinas in Time for the Holidays 

Embrace Your Superpower: 'I Am Brilliance – La Borinqueña' Doll Empowers Young Latinas in Time for the Holidays 
Credit: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

La Borinqueña strikes again! There’s a new doll in town just in time for the holidays – and we are here for it.  

Upon learning of the new collectible action doll, named the ‘I Am Brilliance – La Borinqueña,’ Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, BELatina sat down with the visionary behind all things La Borinqueña. During our conversation, he shared insights about the genesis and significance of the ‘I Am Brilliance – La Borinqueña’ collectible action doll and more.  

For starters, the inspiration for this creation began to materialize in 2020, sparked by discussions between Miranda-Rodriguez and Boss Fight Studio, a pioneering toy design studio led by art directors like Erik Araña. The enthusiasm Araña exhibited for La Borinqueña, a graphic novel series deeply rooted in Latine culture, was pivotal. This union led to the inception of the first wave of action figures, featuring not only La Borinqueña but also her league of superheroes, the Nitainos, including her friend Lúz la Luminosa and Oro el Coquí Dorado, co-created by Miranda-Rodriguez’s youngest son Ennio. Additionally, the super-villain La Gárgola rounded out this array of diverse characters. 

However, the story took a fascinating turn when Catrina Araña, Erik’s partner and wife, envisioned a doll line aimed at empowering young girls through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Dubbed ‘I Am Brilliance,’ this concept materialized into a revolutionary line of action dolls.

Catrina approached Miranda-Rodriguez with a proposition to include La Borinqueña in the inaugural wave. Miranda-Rodriguez’s resounding response was, ¡Seguro que si! 

What Makes the ‘I Am Brilliance: La Borinqueña’ Doll Different?

Distinguishing the ‘I Am Brilliance: La Borinqueña’ action-doll from its predecessor is a thoughtful design that features brush-able brown curly hair, a cloth costume with a matching cape, and articulate joints for enhanced posability. This 6-inch action figure is tailored for young girls aged 8 and above, exuding immense empowerment. 

The journey from concept to realization spanned two years. Accurate portrayal was paramount, ensuring La Borinqueña’s brown complexion and curly hair mirrored her Afro-Boricua heritage authentically. The process involved meticulous visual references, factory approvals, packaging designs, and careful attention to detail. Despite encountering setbacks during the global pandemic that disrupted production, the team persisted and triumphed. 

Miranda-Rodriguez underscores the importance of representation, especially within the Latine community, citing the dearth of products that celebrate heritage. The aspiration is for the ‘I Am Brilliance: La Borinqueña’ action-doll to grace the shelves of toy stores, both big and small.  

Supporting these collectibles is a way for people to embrace the narrative of Latine superheroes. Keep in mind that a portion of sales also contributes to philanthropic work in Puerto Rico through the La Borinqueña Grant Awards,  which already has awarded $200,000 to nonprofits in Puerto Rico. 

It’s All About Latina Empowerment

When asked about inspiring other Latinas, Miranda-Rodriguez expressed how he hopes that the comic book and collectible dolls can instill a sense of empowerment to them. He envisions young Latinas harnessing their cultural superpowers, nurturing their narratives, and one day inspiring others as the heroes they aspire to be. 

It is important that the holidays are as inclusive as possible, especially for our community. It’s time our family feels represented whenever they open their gifts, which is why La Borinqueña holds a special place in BELatina’s heart. 

The ‘I Am Brilliance – La Borinqueña’ collectible action doll is available for pre-order at Boss Fight Studio’s official website. This 6″ action figure is collectible for ages 8 and up, shipping in time for the holiday season.

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