What’s Happening to Yailin La Mas Viral Is Not a Laughing Matter – Here’s Why 

What’s Happening to Yailin La Mas Viral Is Not a Laughing Matter – Here's Why 
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Yailin La Mas Viral has found herself in the eye of a storm once again. The Dominican artist, known for her associations with prominent urban singers, including Anuel AA and most recently Tekashi 6ix9ine, has been making headlines yet again.  

The dembow singer was recently arrested in Miami, Florida following the dissemination of disturbing videos involving her and Tekashi 6ix9ine, leading to her detainment and an ongoing legal battle. Yet, she allegedly was bailed out by 6ix9ine on Friday, December 14th and she left with him. Since then, she’s been hospitalized, according to images that have been circulating on social media. Yailin hasn’t released of any official statement as of the writing of this article. 

Previously romantically linked to Anuel AA, whose former partner is the Colombian superstar Karol G, Yailin has seemingly found herself entangled in high-profile relationships within the music industry. Her most recent relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine took a chaotic turn, bringing their private affairs into the public spotlight. 

The situation escalated when a leaked photo emerged, revealing bruising allegedly inflicted by 6ix9ine on Yailin. However, the rapper swiftly responded, defending himself against accusations of abuse. In an Instagram live session, 6ix9ine shared his side of the story, citing postpartum depression and releasing distressing videos depicting Yailin violently attacking him shortly after.  

Despite 6ix9ine’s claims of intending to maintain privacy, Dominican radio host Alofoke seemingly intervened, prompting the rapper’s public address regarding the matter. This move provoked a reaction from 6ix9ine, emphasizing his refusal to engage in gossip and requesting a responsible handling of the situation. 

6ix9ine’s social media posts included videos and stories showcasing Yailin’s aggression toward him, aiming to counter the portrayal of the narrative circulating against him. The rapper has adamantly expressed his innocence, maintaining that he would never harm a woman and aiming to clear his name amidst the controversy. Nonetheless, domestic violence claims have followed 6ix9ine as his ex-girlfriends have made allegations against him regarding physical abuse. Also, the world has yet to see him react without him being behind the camera. This case is too sensitive to make conclusions.  

Domestic Violence Should Not Be Overlooked

Though all of this situation is giving people the hot topic of the moment, this is all very serious. It definitely isn’t the time to poke fun at Yailin. It’s sad to see how many people are creating memes and videos laughing at her. 

Let’s not forget that domestic violence represents a grave threat to individuals, particularly women, in intimate relationships. It encompasses various forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, financial, and psychological harm.  

Latinas, unfortunately, face an elevated risk of experiencing physical abuse within their homes. This heightened vulnerability stems from cultural, social, and economic factors, often leading to underreported cases due to fear, stigma, or lack of resources. Moreover, many Latin American countries are grappling with an ongoing crisis of feminicide, where women and girls are systematically targeted and murdered, often resulting from gender-based violence.  

The prevalence of domestic violence and feminicide underscores the urgent need for comprehensive societal changes, including better support systems, education, and legal protections, to ensure the safety and well-being of women in Latin American communities. 

Should Yailin need help (as 6ix9ine says), we can only hope that she gets it. Still, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, it takes an average of seven attempts for domestic violence victim to successfully leave their situation. 

Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that men can’t be victims of domestic violence either. But it’s important to understand the implications of domestic violence toward Latinas. 

The current status of Tekashi 6ix9ine and Yailin La Mas Viral’s relationship remains uncertain. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But let’s hope everyone remains safe moving forward. 

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