Four Empowering Instagram Accounts Every Latina Should Follow

Four Empowering Instagram Accounts Every Latina Should Follow belatina latine

In a world where social media is part of the daily lives of almost every person, and the content that’s out there varies in enormous ways, it’s not uncommon to find us following accounts that only align with our beliefs and interests.  

It’s always a good time when we follow these meme accounts full of funny chistes that will brighten up our day. However, I’m a firm believer that the content we consume is what makes our time on social media truly exceptional or, on the contrary, a headache.  

As a Latina, I value all the social media accounts that offer all types of resources, tips, inspirational quotes, and events — whether virtual or in-person — that are targeted to all those strong Latinas out there, also trying to find an online community that can help them achieve a better quality of life.  

Here are four empowering Instagram accounts every Latina should be following.  

Latinas Create

Created by storyteller Steph Campos, the Latinas Create Instagram serves as a virtual community where followers can find anything from funny Latina-relatable TikTok moments to inspirational quotes and information on topics such as equal pay and voting rights.  

Find them as @latinas.create 

Las Comadres

What better name than Las Comadres for a Latina community that’s at the reach of some clicks? This community offers virtual masterclasses, online cafecitos, and you’ll even find different events on topics such as astrology, coaching, and the metaverse.  

Can’t get enough inspirational quotes? You’ll find them there as well. Las Comadres content is so unique, current, and varied you might find yourself getting a membership in a matter of minutes.  

Find them as 

Mujerón Movement  

Founded by Sonia Saunders, Mujerón Movement’s Instagram account is full of all sorts of tips related to personal growth. According to their bio, this community is “helping Latinas find their purpose and become the Mujerón of their dreams!” 

The social media account — where pink is the main color — makes sure you can find information that will help you become a better version of yourself. Do you need help reaching your 2023 goals? They have some great tips. Do you want to support a small business and don’t know the best way to do it? This account will answer your questions.   

Find them as @mujeronmovement 

Latinas Who Brunch  

Rather than being an Instagram account focused on what its name says, Latinas who brunch is an online community looking to support and empower fellow Latinas. There you’ll find inspirational quotes, events, cute memes, and more. 

Find them as @latinaswhobrunch  

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