Full Moon in Gemini is Prompting Us to Speak Our Truth

Full Moon in Gemini is Prompting Us to Speak Our Truth belatina latine

The Full Moon in communicative Gemini arrives, Wednesday, December 7 at 11:08 p.m. ET. It will be flanked by the energetic and fiery Mars in Gemini retrograde, inspiring us to speak our truth, confront resentments, and clear the air so we can enter 2023 with a clean slate.

Full Moons occur when the sun (Identity) is opposite the moon, which rules our emotional process and intuition. Every month the moon shifts signs and reflects back to us different aspects of ourselves as it moves through the moon phases. The Full Moon is at its fullest expression and it brings situations, emotions, and relationships to a culmination.  

This month’s Full Moon is shining through super-social and curious Gemini, so we will be managing tons of information, communication, thoughts, and decisions. It’s important to remind ourselves to listen to others and not formulate responses as others speak. This Full Moon inspires conscious communication and accountability in our relationships.

Mars (Aggression/Passion) in Gemini, the sign of the messenger and communication, has been retrograde since October 30 and it’ll remain this way until January 13, 2023. Meaning, that what’s been long overdue and brewing in the subconscious will be spotlighted by the Full Moon in the same sign of Gemini. 

The key here is being aware. It’s not spitting out verbal attacks; instead, practice authentic sharing. A practice such as meditation, breath work, yoga, or communing with nature — anything bringing you into the present moment — is a positive foundation for clearer and grounded exchange around the deep hurts, worries, or goals that want to be seen and heard.

Emotions may overtake you and 

repressed feelings may come to the surface. 

Breathe and stay grounded.

On Friday, Venus (Love/Values) squares to Jupiter (Expansion) and magnifies what it touches. Chances for a romantic or fun-loving weekend are high! Make plans accordingly and remember to dialogue wisely.

What is the Cold Moon?

December’s Full Moon is known as the Cold Moon and the Long Night’s Moon because it happens in the Northern Hemisphere close to the Winter solstice, where the days are short and long nights reign. It is a good time to do some healing work before the intense holiday season. Make sure to work on the triggers around our family relationships. 

Sign by Sign Full Moon Vibes 

Make sure to read the sun, moon, and rising sign in your natal chart to have a more complete perspective. 


Even though you think you’ve been very clear on a matter, this full moon spotlights the 3rd house of siblings and communications, inviting you to have a sit-down. Lay down your guard and speak from your heart. Listen as well. Your friend and/or sibling has their own reasons for thinking the way they do. ¡Es hora de entender y ser entendido!


As you prepare for 2023, it’s time to review your finances. This Full Moon shines brightly on your 2nd house of income, self-worth, and finances. You may be asking for a raise soon or raising your rates as you heal more old self-esteem and claim what’s yours! ¡Es hora de recibir lo que te mereces — y mereces mucho más! 


Energetic Mars (Warrior) is paired up with the Full Moon, so you’ll definitely be ready to speak your truth! Be as grounded as possible in order not to get fired up too fast. You don’t want to burn those around you! Know that this lunation will get to the bottom of things in ways that you may or may not be ready for. ¡No quemes ni te quemas pero comparte tu pasión!  


If you’ve been waiting for a sign to chill, here it is! The Full Moon lights up your 12th house of solitude, rest, and spirituality. It’s best not to power through when the stars are inviting you to the meditation pillow and turning back your bed covers. Take this permission to rest seriously. ¡Todo viene así que recarga las baterías!  


It’s time to leave the cave of solitude and reconnect with friends, colleagues, and your community. Be patient as you re-acquaint yourselves. The Full Moon in the 11th house of networking asks that you explore expanding your team or join one. ¡Se necesita más apoyo así que es hora de encontrar a tu gente! 


The Full Moon is lighting up your tenth house of career and reputation, so you will be reviewing where you’re at and where you’re going. There will be a culmination in this area, whether it’s an ending, a promotion, or the beginning of a new job; know that you have what it takes and it’s time to soar! Acuérdate que trabajas para vivir, no vives para trabajar.  


The ninth house of travel, adventure, and higher education is urging you to look outside your comfort zone. It’s time to spread your wings and fly whatever that may mean to you. Plan a trip, explore adventure, and step into the unknown with true faith! ¡Habla con aquellos en los que confías y prepárate para lo nuevo! 


The Full Moon lights up your eighth house of birth/death/rebirth and joint resources inviting you to have deep conversations with a significant other, business partner, or loved ones to help you feel grounded and secure. Be honest about financial responsibilities and intimacy and you will receive blessings beyond what you imagine. ¡Es la hora de la verdad que te llevará a la intimidad deseada!


You’ve been noticing who calls when they need something and who is always there. While you love to share the sunshine with everyone this Full Moon lights up the seventh house of partnerships highlighting the balance of giving and receiving. ¡Es hora de desahogarse para tener conexiones más profundas!


You’re usually organized and highly focused and this Full Moon spotlights those habits to a whole other level! It’s less about the outside as well as it is about the habits that support your overall well-being. The Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health and routine, so get out of your schedule and book those therapy, massage, and workout sessions. You’re due for some self-care! Si cuidas la salud, ¡la salud cuidará de ti!


You’re usually concerned with the good of all, whether it’s coworkers or family, but this Full moon lights up your fifth house of self-expression and hobbies. It’s time to prioritize your fun! Work will always be there, so allow yourself to chill, bike, laugh, and explore new ways to celebrate life! ¡Es hora de jugar más que de trabajar así! 


Work-life balance has been stumping you lately and this Full moon shines brightly on 

your fourth house of home, reminding you that boundaries and priorities are needed to move forward. If you’ve been working overtime to avoid the unavoidable or vice versa, take a breath and feel your way through an open-hearted conversation with yourself first. ¡Cuando te entiendes a ti mismo, es más fácil decidir lo que es importante!

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