Flutter Fox: A Newbie Guide to Fake Eyelashes

The phrase, “it’s levels to this s#!t” can be applied to pretty much anything and lashes are high on the list of things that can be ranked. Price, technique, and product quality defines the extent to which we would go to accent our face. Yes, I’d say that lashes are indeed an enhancement that can take you from cute girl next door to unattainable glam goddess partaking in all things VIP. The amount of attention you choose to invest for this process depends on a few factors: money, time, and personal well-being.

Your first concern before going for lashes must be your health. It’s best to make sure you’re not allergic to certain adhesives as a reaction can be very severe and damaging to your health. This is definitely not worth the attempt if it could cost you bodily harm. Next in line to consider is budget, as the cost for installation (aesthetician’s expertise) as well as lash material (faux, silk or real mink lashes) play a significant part of overall costs. Last but not least, time is a make or break factor for the application technique you choose. Having a technician apply your lashes is great since you only have to go once a month, but making sure you put in the time to take care of them will affect the frequency of your visits. I know, sounds overwhelming, but we are here to break it down for you. Let’s dive into the various factors to consider for your first attempt at achieving fuller lashes.

2Landing Strip

Faux Lash Guide BeLatina
Photo Credit @ niniwoo_ for Addlashes from crayoncase

If for you the cons outweigh the pros for getting lash extensions, your next best alternative is the lash strip. It’s an instant glam that lifts your makeup look to diva status in a few short minutes. The best lash strip for a newbie should be ones that has a slightly thicker lash base like Addlashes from The Crayon Case Cosmetics, which makes it easier to see when placing. The inspiration for this black-owned makeup company was based on being a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world.”

One of the best tricks I’ve learned for applying lash strips, is to set your mirror flat, where you are looking down instead of facing forward. This way, you’re able to see the base of your eyelids up close and can easily see where you’re placing the lashes. Use a lash applicator or a tweezer and hold the lash in the center, close to the base. Apply the lash to the center of your lid first (step 1) so it sits evenly when you adhere the outer (step 2) and inner eye section (step 3). The final look with lash strips can be just as professional looking as having an aesthetician do it for you. Although this is more of a temporary glam, you can use it multiple times and not worry about the expense of a visit to a lash expert.