From Cheers to Tears: Young Miko Became Emotional After Her Set Was Shut Off in Costa Rica

From Cheers to Tears: Young Miko Became Emotional After Her Set Was Shut Off in Costa Rica
Credit: Instagram/ @itsyoungmiko

Young Miko has a great connection with her fans. She is constantly resharing their content in her stories, wears the gifts they give her during her concerts, and seldom shies away from a photo opportunity with them. It is evident that her dedication to them is part of her craft. It brings her joy and there’s almost always a smile on her face when she’s near her fans. However, this wasn’t the case in her latest show in Costa Rica.  

What started as a night of musical celebration took an unforeseen turn, leaving both the audience and the Latina artist emotionally shaken. 

On Saturday, September 16th, Young Miko held her scheduled concert in Costa Rica. She shared the same energy with her Costa Rican crowd as she had done for her previous shows. The concert was positioned to be a success.  

As Young Miko graced the stage in the Centro de Eventos Pedregal, the atmosphere in the venue was electrifying. The audience cheered and danced along with her. Everything seemed normal. Nevertheless, towards the end of her performance, an unforeseen development sent shockwaves through the venue. 

What Happened to Young Miko in Costa Rica?

According to El Nuevo Día, the dramatic moment unfolded when the stage lights and sound were abruptly extinguished during Young Miko’s set. Rather than being a technical glitch, the abrupt blackout was an intentional act by the concert organizers. 

The emotional response to this abrupt blackout was profound, with Young Miko visibly shaken and struggling to understand the situation, as depicted in various videos capturing the moment. Her reaction resonated with fans. 

Though her set was less than perfect at the end of her concert, she still attempted to give concertgoers the opportunity to enjoy the last song. She tried to sing “Classy 101,” acapella, with her fans. However, she ended the mid-song because her emotions took over. As she walked off the stage, it was clear that she was crying.  


miko te amamos, siempre te vamos a apoyar. #youngmiko #youngmikoconcierto #costarica

♬ original sound – shel

Before leaving the venue, Young Miko met with fans waiting for her and interacted with them. There’s a video circulating showing Young Miko giving a fan a heartfelt hug after the concert. Considering the circumstance, this was a hug that Young Miko definitely needed – you could see it in her face.  


@baby miko despues del concierto en Costa Rica 💔 @Jogo ustedes son los responsables de todo esto. #jogomercado #costarica🇨🇷 #youngmiko

♬ sonido original – bbymikoficial

The next day Young Miko posted about Costa Rica expressing how much she loved her Costa Rican fans. 

She didn’t deserve to go through this. May she have a better experience in her next show.  

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