Gemini Season 2020: Spiritual Coach Spreads the Tarot to Reveal Love, Health, Family, and Money Predictions

Gemini Season

Happy Birthday, Gemini! It is time for the third astrological sign in the zodiac to shine, even though the world is going through hard times. From May 21 to June 20, Gemini season will be in full swing and a lot of interesting things will happen to those under the zodiac sign represented by the twin’s Castor and Pollux.

Rocio Regalado, a Dominican Spiritual Coach who uses her intuition and the tarot to predict different aspects of people’s lives, revealed to BELatina News that “for Gemini who is entering in their month of celebration, several interesting occurrences will come at this time with everything that is happening in the world.” 

According to the expert, May 2020 is an (astrological) period characterized by the start of Saturn’s retrogradation in Aquarius, Venus in Gemini, and Jupiter in Capricorn. “Added to these astrological aspects of May 2020 will be the entry of the Sun into Gemini, two squares between Venus and Neptune, and the entry of Mars into the sign of the fish (Pisces),” she said.

“Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius in May 2020, aims to meet responsibilities, and create positive social ties; whereas Venus retrograde in Gemini will emphasize adopting a new perspective, in sentimental matters,” said Regalado following the messages of her tarot spread. “On the other hand, Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn speaks of identifying the pressure exerted by ‘must be,’ and the Sun in Gemini, during May 2020, promotes the encounter with inspiring characters, and the design of communication strategies.”

May 21 New Ideas

“It’s an excellent period for the launch of advertising campaigns and communication strategies (Mercury is also in the Gemini sign),” she said to BELatina News. “This time, with Venus retrograde, the alignment refers to seeking inspiration inside; avoid idealizing new relationships (friends, colleagues, neighbors), and do not get involved in love triangles. High perception of the environment. Sensitivity. Express your ideas with kindness, towards yourself and third parties. Avoid oversizing situations, or taking the judgments of others personally. Lies should be avoided because all these aspects influence all the signs, let’s say that GEMINI is ruled by Mercury, planet of research and communication with the Sun for now, everything comes to public light,” she warned. “On June 18 Mercury enters retrograde, here the situation becomes very difficult because there is a penumbral eclipse worldwide. Many high-level issues and drastic changes will be affected,” she continued.

For Gemini in Health

Tarot Card: FREYJA

BELatina Latinx Freyja

“FREYJA comes from the Divine Goddesses Tarot, it means power, stable health, love, a lot of fertility, and when I mention fertility I mean even giving birth to twins for those couples who have the desire to procreate families,” said Regalado. “Favorable news in the health sector for everyone. If someone from this sign was sick I see the total recovery with vitality. Your life is established and you can rest easy.”

Gemini in Love 

Tarot Card: Arcanum of the Star

Tarot Star BELatina Latinx

“The Lover’s Path Tarot shows the Arcanum of The Star. The love story of Dante and Beatrice tells us that you have the inspiration in love, solidity with the couple. It is a lucky moment for singles as the gift of the Sun passing through your sign is precise. A loving encounter with someone who will be your muse and inspiration of life in every way,” she said.

Gemini in Family 

Tarot Card: Six of Cups

six of cups BELatina Latinx

“The Rider Waite Tarot reveals the Six of Cups,” said the psychic. “You feel nostalgic for those moments with loved ones who are no longer. Let them go to the plane that they have to go through because today life rewards you with the family that you have alive. Nostalgia leads to nothing, give love to those who are by your side, if you have relatives far away, talk and harmonize things between both of you, it is time to be a better human being.”

Geminis in Work, Career, and Money 

“You feel a constant struggle within your work field as if you were threatened, but all this is in your head Geminis,” said the Tarot expert. “You are going to be victorious as long as you maintain harmony in the whole work plane. It is about you trusting yourself and your determination and confidence. The cards will give you victory.”

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