Portion of the Gorillaz and Bad Bunny’s Unreleased Song Was Allegedly Leaked

Portion of the Gorillaz and Bad Bunny's Unreleased Song Was Allegedly Leaked

The song (or at least a portion) between the Gorillaz and Bad Bunny may have been leaked.  

The Gorillaz are known for being one of the only mainstream virtual bands and have been making music for several decades. Though the band, consisting of Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, and Remi Kabaka, chose a different musical route, they’ve collaborated with other well-known artists before. Previously, the Gorillaz spoke about this project and their excitement to make music with Benito.  

“It was fantastic to work with him. He’s a very talented guy,” Albarn said of the Bad Bunny collaboration in an interview with Warp in 2022. 

“I don’t care what people think, I’m always doing what I think can generate great music, you know?” he added. 

Where can you listen to Bad Bunny and the Gorillaz’s leaked song?

This would be the second single Bad Bunny is featured in after saying that he was using 2023 for himself, which, implied him taking a break. Maybe he views breaks differently because he’s been making headlines since the start of this new year.  

Could it be that the alleged leaked song is serving as a distraction from Benito’s outings with one of the most infamous culture vultures? (There’s no need to mention her name because she’s been getting too much free press from our community lately.)   

For the chismosxs, like us, who want to hear the alleged leaked song, it’s being reposted all throughout social media. However, since we like all of you, you can find the song below. 


Tormenta – Gorillaz (feat. Bad Bunny) #badbunnypr #gorillaz #crackerisland #tormenta #unveranosinti #uvst #badbunny

♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone

Though it’s only a clip, the song seems to have potential. We are confident that Gorillaz’s part will be well-received too.  

Whether it’s a strategic ploy or not, it still means new music is underway for us to enjoy.  

Neither party has confirmed or denied the leak of their song.  

Are you excited to hear the complete song?  

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