Healing Through Music Is an Ancestral Gift and the Colombian Band Monsieur Periné Is Giving Many Latinas the Chance to Experience This Gift Today 

Healing Through Music Is an Ancestral Gift and the Colombian Band Monsieur Periné Is Giving Many Latinas the Chance to Experience This Gift Today 
Credit: BELatina/Miami

Music has an unparalleled ability to transform our lives, especially for those of us with creative minds. When your thoughts are racing a million miles per hour, it’s essential to find an outlet that can slow you down. For me, that outlet is music. My taste is eclectic, and this allows me to shift from Hip-Hop to Vallenato effortlessly; this brings me immense joy. Music has become the soundtrack to the best and worst moments of my life, but not every genre or artist can navigate these complex spaces. Yet, one band always makes the cut: Monsieur Periné. 

Monsieur Periné is a Latin-Grammy-winning Colombian band that blends Afro-Colombian sounds with Latin and European influences. Their music is a mix of tropical, nostalgic, upbeat, melodic, and fun elements. The soothing use of unconventional instruments, like the triangle, never fails to delight me. Monsieur Periné embodies the joy of artistic expression, capturing the essence of what music should be. 

Experiencing Monsieur Periné

Recently, I had the chance to experience Monsieur Periné live in Miami, Florida as they are currently fulfilling their “Bolero Apocalipto” tour.  

I’ve been a devoted follower for about ten years, ever since an ex-turned-friend introduced me to their music. The first time I heard their rendition of “Sabor a Mi” on YouTube, I was instantly hooked. I vividly remember that moment: inhaling my favorite herbal remedy and exhaling as Madam Periné’s voice wrapped around my heart. From that point on, I attended their smaller shows in Miami, dancing the night away each time. Over the years, I watched them grow, and I grew alongside them. Unbeknownst to them, they were a constant presence in my evolution, guiding me through both bad decisions and significant milestones. 

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Madam Periné while they hosted virtual shows. Our interview, conducted through WhatsApp notes while she lived her best life in the mountains, was brief but deeply meaningful to me. They say “don’t meet your heroes,” but this was different. To me, it felt like a nod from the universe that I was in the right path. 

‘Mi Libertad’ in Miami

This recent live show felt special, not only because it was another chance to see them perform but also because I was in a healed space. Every song they sang reminded me how much they had helped mend my heart. 

At the end of 2022, I endured a devastating heartbreak. My mind couldn’t process the pain quickly enough, leading me into a deep depression where hope seemed out of reach. During this dark time, Monsieur Periné’s music, particularly “Mi Libertad” and “Nuestra Cancion,” became my solace.  


Hearing one of the most popular Latin songs in TikTok live just hits different 🥰 @Monsieur Perine #fyp #parati #monsieurperine #musica #musicalatina

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Fast forward to this year, I found myself belting out the songs that once lifted me from despair, surrounded by great friends and a partner eager to hear about my experience. It felt like the universe had sent their show to remind me that I had survived because I chose “Mi Libertad.” 

When people ask why I support the arts, it’s because they have saved my life more than once or have been there to witness me thrive. For anyone who has yet to add Monsieur Periné to their playlist, consider this your sign. Their music might just become the soundtrack to your own healing and joy, as it has been for mine. 

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