Historic Win for ‘Cubanas’: After Years of Not Participating, the Search for Miss Universe Cuba Is Finally Underway

Historic Win for 'Cubanas': After Years of Not Participating, the Search for Miss Universe Cuba Is Finally Underway

It’s been 57 long years for Cuban women wanting to participate in the Miss Universe contest. From enduring a ruthless dictatorship to drowning in the pain of a collective exilic experience, Cuba hasn’t had it easy. For Fidel and Che’s sympathizers: Take a seat. They were never the heroes and, per usual, the women paid for reckless actions made by men. And I’m talking beyond a little pageant. Still, it’s important to celebrate Cuba’s wins — these don’t often come by.  

So, here’s what’s currently unfolding: Cubans are eagerly anticipating their representative in the upcoming Miss Universe contest. According to the Miami Herald, the queen will be chosen in the most Cuban city in the United States: Miami. Cubanas are set to become the most high-profile woman of this edition. This revival comes courtesy of the Venezuelan designer Julio César Cruz, director of Miss Universe Cuba, the driving force behind the pageant’s return. 

The newborn franchise announced on April 4 that auditions would soon commence to select the 20 candidates who will vie for the title in Miami in August. The winner will be crowned Miss Universe Cuba and will go on to represent the nation in the Miss Universe contest slated for November in Mexico. It is important to note that the chosen candidate must embody the Cuban ethos, be fluent in Spanish, and showcase service-oriented qualities through a social project aimed at addressing community issues, as outlined by César. 

The responsibility falls on the shoulders of the Cuban woman as she revives a tradition dating back to 1952, interrupted in 1960 by the Cuban government’s decision to halt participation. The last queen of the island was Flora Lauten. 

How Cuban Women Can Pave Their Path to Miss Universe

Contestants who want to represent Cuba must have either been born on the island or have one Cuban parent, a requirement aimed at fostering cultural authenticity. There is no age limit for participants, signaling inclusivity within the competition. We hope we see a few abuelas out there strutting their stuff.  

The Miss Universe Cuba pageant will incorporate virtual and in-person auditions to select candidates. The chosen contestants will undergo training in various skills, including public speaking and stage performance, alongside the development of social projects designed to benefit their communities. 

What’s Next?

Despite the potential controversy surrounding his initiative, César remains diplomatic and focused on the positive impact of the pageant. He attributes his selection as director to his extensive experience in the beauty pageant industry and the endorsement of Cuban “Beauty Czar” Osmel Sousa, a key figure within the Miss Universe organization. 

May the best Cuban queen win! 

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