Miss Universe Owner Reveals That Sheynnis Palacios and Now Her Family Have Allegedly Been Exiled from Nicaragua 

Miss Universe Owner Reveals That Sheynnis Palacios and Now Her Family Have Allegedly Been Exiled from Nicaragua 
Credit: Asamblea Legislativa de Costa Rica

Things keep getting more complicated for Sheynnis Palacios after winning the Miss Universe crown.  

The owner of the Miss Universe franchise, Anne Jakrajutatip, revealed on Sunday that the family of the current Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua, has fled the country, with Palacios herself being exiled “indefinitely.” 

In a social media post celebrating Mother’s Day, Jakrajutatip praised Karen Celebertti, the former director of the organization in Nicaragua, who was ousted by the government led by Daniel Ortega and accused of conspiracy and treason. 

“…exiled your entire family, including our Queen, from the country indefinitely because of the POWER OF THE MISS UNIVERSE BRAND!” Jakrajutatip expressed on Instagram. The post has been edited and has had its comments turned off since the owner of the Miss Universe franchise made these claims.  

Speaking of Palacios’ character, Jakrajutatip highlighted her strength and dedication “to take care of your mother and the entire family who are now outside the homeland.”  

Though Jakrajutatip meant well with her post, it is important she is also aware of keeping her queen and her family safe.  

Who Is Sheynnis Palacios?

Sheynnis Palacios made history as the first Nicaraguan and Central American to win Miss Universe, with the 2023 edition held on November 18 in El Salvador. 

The 23-year-old beauty queen, who has not returned to Nicaragua, has visited San Jose, Costa Rica, and Miami in recent months. She has also visited the Philippines, which gave her a very warm welcome. There is a video going viral at the moment showing her crying after someone gifting her a Nicaraguan flag. It is evident that what’s happening to her has been hard on her.  


During the parade in the Philippines a fan handed the Nicaraguan flag to Sheynnis, She couldn’t hold back her tears 🥹🇳🇮 Sheynnis can no longer return to her Country after winning the Universal crown for her country due to reasons politics and the competition (if I’m not mistaken) his family had to flee this town of Natal for the USA, Love you Sheynnis ❤️ #missuniverse #foryou #missnicaragua #parati #missuniverse2023 #pourtoi #fyp #sheynnispalacios #parade #viral #missuniversenicaragua #pourtoi

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What Else Has Nicaragua’s Government Done?

In response to the controversy, the Ortega government launched its own beauty pageant on April 26, accusing the Miss Universe representation in the country of conspiracy and treason, leading to the expulsion of its former director. 

Let’s hope Palacios and her family are safe. They don’t deserve this type of behavior.  

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