How To Live Your Best Life, Raise Your Vibe, and Be The Spiritual Goddess You Were Born To Be

If you are embarking on a new life path or you are ready to make a change to your daily routine or relationships, you will need a road map to guide you. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a little boost in the spirituality department and you’re ready to raise your vibe this year. Either way, you will need a plan, you will need inspiration, and you will need effective tools to help you reach your goals. It’s no secret that change is hard on all of us, and elevating your vibe isn’t an easy task. But if you want to truly live your best life and be the spiritual goddess you were born to be, then improving your emotional state and focusing on self-love are crucial steps.

Living your best life is a fairly vague concept. What does it even mean? How do you define a “best” life? Is my “best” the same as your “best?” (obviously not). Is it possible to be happy if you don’t reach that ultimate level of “best?” (yes, of course). So, what is worthy living really all about?

According to Dr. Clifford N. Lazarus Ph.D., psychologist, author and co-founder of The Lazarus Institute, living your best life is all about living life on your TERMS. TERMS refers to “Think well, Eat well, Relate well, Move well, and Sleep well,” he explains in Psychology Today.  For the time being, let’s focus on “think well” because it’s an extremely important starting point. In order to be truly happy, fulfilled and spiritually satisfied, you need to focus on not just what you think, but how you think. Lazarus suggests that we need to “be aware of toxic beliefs and irrational ideas” and practice mindfulness to help boost optimism and reduce stress. In addition, it’s crucial to develop thoughts of self-compassion and unconditional self-acceptance as a way to increase self-esteem and positivity in our daily lives.

If you ask health coach Angela Shurina, raising your vibe is actually fairly simple if you boil it down to the 6 core principles of healthy living. In an article for Mind Body Green she breaks it down: sleep well (at least 7-9 hours a night, and quality counts), breathe (which helps with better physical and mental health), drink more water (to restore balance and prevent dehydration), eat well (mostly veggies and unprocessed food), move your body (in whatever way works for you) and get outside. Sticking to those guiding principles will help you live your best life.  

Deepak Chopra, author, founder of  The Chopra Foundation and pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, has said that living your best life requires that you be aware of your essential nature and that you follow your bliss, meaning you follow a predetermined path to self-enlightenment, joy, and fulfillment.

That all sounds great, right? Of course, you need to be more optimistic and mindful. You need to continue to focus on what brings you joy and be present in those moments. You need to be healthy and focus on personal wellness and self-improvement. You need to be spiritually awakened and present. But how? The actual steps you need to take in order to live your best life are where it gets a bit more complicated and where so many of us quit before we begin.

The good news is that there are specific measures that can help get you to where you want to be, and that can help you live your best life. Let’s break it down to manageable, easy-to-tackle tips and tools to help get you started so you can raise your vibe today, tomorrow, and for all the days that follow.

Think About What Fills You Up And Show Gratitude

The first step is to focus on what currently exists in your life that brings you joy. Is it a relationship, a hobby, a favorite workout, a delicious food, a place, a season, a smell, a beloved pet… focus on what makes you feel satisfied and write it down. Wake up every day thinking about what fills you up and what you are grateful for. Starting your day with gratitude rather than regret, disappointment, anger or fear will help you on a path towards a better, happier life. And this is especially true for women, who so often put the needs and joys of others before our own. We need to remember to dedicate energy and time to what serves us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. A great way to start is to keep a journal where you can unload all of your thoughts (good and bad) and put in writing what you are grateful for. Sometimes writing is the best way to release what is weighing you down and to help you process what both holds you back and what propels you forward.

Set Clear and Realistic Goals

Don’t make a grand statement or an overwhelming assessment of your life. Don’t simply state that you’re going to be better, or do more to improve who you are, how you behave and how you feel. It’s an impossible task to tackle such a vast, vague and quite frankly unrealistic change. Instead, make smaller and clearer goals to help guide your days. I am going to spend 20 minutes outside every day. I am going to make one phone call to a family member each day. I am going to try something new or share one new idea each day. I am going to meditate for 10 minutes. I am going to try yoga. I am going to travel to a new destination this year. I am going to forgive my husband. I am going to speak calmly with my kids. You get the idea. Come up with very clear, specific and reasonable goals that you can actually work towards in baby steps each day. And makes sure the goals are realistic. Don’t say that you will work out three times a day if the most exercise you’ve ever actually done is a 5-minute walk. Don’t claim to never get angry with your kids. (We all get angry with our kids.) Don’t promise to never eat carbs again. (Carbs are delicious and don’t you forget it.) Dream big, think big but plan small and set goals that you can actually accomplish.

Get Visual

For some people making statements or even having conversations about their goals are the best tools. For others, they need to be more visual. Try creating a dream board to both inspire and represent your plan of action and your ultimate goal. You can use sketches, magazine clippings, words that trigger ideas or make you feel motivated, photos of loved ones or places you want to travel. Choose a color palette that soothes you or empowers you. Creating a dream board (sometimes called a vision board) encourages you to consider your goals and think about your future with a sense of purpose. You have to actively choose your desires and the words/images that represent those desires. You have to select specific visuals that speak to you, and by doing so you will also send out a powerful, very clear message to the universe about what you hope to achieve.  

Sometimes having a visual reminder of what you hope to become, and of what you already have achieved, can help you live a better life, and ultimately your best life. After all, visualization is a powerful tool — it allows your brain to prepare for the activity you will ultimately perform physically. Put the dream board somewhere very accessible so that you can add to it regularly and view it often. Remember that consistency is key, and the more frequently you visualize your best life and your goals, the more likely you are to put energy and time into accomplishing those dreams.

Get Organized

You need a plan of attack and you need to get organized. If we’re being real, there is no way humanly possible to keep track of everything at all times, and it’s easy to let your commitments fall through the cracks if you don’t write them down. Get a planner and make a concrete plan to organize your life. You can write daily reminders of what you want to do and include notes to keep you inspired. You can put in appointments and schedule time for yourself. You can pencil in time to meditate or list daily exercises to try. You can jot down things you want to achieve each day, each week, each month, each year and for the long haul. You’ve heard the saying: fail to plan and plan to fail. If you don’t plan for success each day, you’ll never live your best life.

Get In Touch With Your Cosmic Flow

It would be naive to think that everything that happens in our lives is completely within our control and is not also being guided by some higher power. The power of the moon influences everything, with lunar rhythms controlling the flow of all aspects of our lives — the flow of water on Earth, the ocean’s tides, the weather, the female reproductive cycle and the life fluids of all living things. The moon can impact our mood, our behavior, our body and it can definitely influence our vibe.

So it would make sense that in order to fully harness the power of the moon and the Earth’s elements, and use that power for good to elevate our vibe and live a more fulfilling life, we need to not only pay attention to the moon’s cycles, but also how it affects us in our daily lives.

Enter We’Moon. We’Moon is a lunar calendar combined with a handbook in natural rhythms and a guide to all things astrological. It’s a date book mixed with a planner and a notepad to jot down your goals and feelings. It’s a planner for anyone who is ready to get organized, but who is also looking for a bit more cosmic guidance. The planner is so much more than just a planner. It’s also chock full of inspirational stories, works of art, poems, images and more to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of women and to encourage women everywhere to live their truths.

Join Forces With a Friend

While self-awareness is crucial and committing to your own goals and dreams is important, working towards your best life is way more fun if you do it with a friend. You’re also far more likely to succeed if you have a partner to hold you accountable and help you assess your progress along the way. Join forces with a friend or loved one who also wants to raise her vibe. Your goals do not need to be the same, but your passion for change and betterment does need to align. It always helps to have a friend in your corner, and having someone stand by you who shares your desire to elevate your emotional state and become a better version of yourself is a huge motivator in more ways than one.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Remember that even small steps towards a higher vibration are huge moves in the right direction. Celebrate your victories, acknowledge how you are growing and embrace joy whenever and wherever you can.

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