IG Accounts En Español To Keep You Informed About Latin American Pop Culture and Other Topics

Instagram accounts en español BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

With all kinds of technological tools at our fingertips, we can access any information at any time. However, in the U.S., we tend to be hyper-focused on our nation’s issues. What keeps us from checking out what’s going on in Latin America as well?

When it comes to pop culture, it’s always fascinating to see what’s trending in other places that go beyond the typical American Kanye-did-what-now headlines.

It’s great to discover new trends in different latitudes and discover emerging artists.

In addition, these online tools also allow us to inform and educate ourselves about other issues through social media. What’s happening in other countries? How can we help raise awareness?

That’s why we’ve curated a list of Instagram accounts en Español that will help you keep up with what’s happening in the U.S. and throughout Latin America.

Let’s see what’s happening on a global scale!

Molusco Noticias

Molusco News gives you not only Puerto Rican news but also news from all over Latin America. For example, did you know that vaccination is finally becoming a requirement in huge venues such as el Coliseo de Puerto Rico (similar capacity to venues such as Crypto Arena in L.A. and Madison Square Garden in N.Y.C.)? While many have negative thoughts on this, maybe it will help slow down the COVID-19 contamination in entertainment spaces. We are still in a global pandemic.

Dimelo! King

Dimelo! King gives us the highlights in urbano culture. While our mainstream pop culture in the United States focuses on reggaeton pop, rap, and classic rock, it’s great to explore the urbano niche that essentially inspires part of what we are hearing in Latin reggaeton pop right now. Not only do they cover the latest news, such as Farruko retiring from music to follow his religious journey, but they also discuss political issues such as how the Colombian peso is now the most devalued currency of the region. 

Chente Ydrach

This Instagram account is far in the sports and urbano — basically what’s equivalent to this nation’s hip-hop culture all in one podcast. Here they give us news about rapper drama, basketball drama, and of course Bad Bunny’s magnitude upcoming concert in front of 90,000 spectators at Mexico’s Estadio Azteca. We love to see that Latin American pop culture delivered to us in bite-sized pieces through their posts and full-on conversations through their Youtube. For example, have you seen their paseo segment featuring Karol G on their channel?

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