The Best Songs To Dedicate To Your Ex This Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of BELatina
Photo courtesy of BELatina

Valentine’s Day is here, and with that comes both the good and the ugly. We indeed love beautiful and cheesy, romantic stories, but you know what else we love? We love music that captures every feeling, songs that we’ve dedicated to ex-partners that have behaved like ratas inmundas. I am talking about those exes that we don’t even call by their name because they somehow get summoned! Those exes that came wrapped in red flags that we overlooked, those people that we regret having met.

Now, I don’t want to bring back any negative emotions or open old wounds. I want us to collectively embrace all types of Valentines-related feelings, including these regretful emotions that we’ve felt before. Whether you’ve moved on and are in love with a new partner or still hung up on they-who-must-not-be-named — let’s take a moment to dive into the best songs to dedicate to those ratas de dos patas

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Rata De Dos Patas – Paquita la del Barrio

¿Me estás oyendo inutil? Obviously, one of the saltiest Mexican unspoken queens is Paquita la Del Barrio. From calling men “animals” to telling them that she “despises” and “hates” them, to inevitably saying that even a filthy creature is better than them — ahh, she’s poetry to our ears. She is saying what we wish we could. Pero, who hurt you, Paquita?!

MAMIII – Becky G ft. Karol G

In a very timely manner, Becky G and Karol G released this song as Anuel AA waved his newfound love with Yailin La Mas Viral all over the web. Up until this moment, Karol G hadn’t said much of her recent breakup with the trapero, but the time has come — and she did it with class (as expected of her.) The song includes lines that are sure to sting any ex. For example, Becky G says “Ya no miro pa’trás, ni pa’ parquearme,” which roughly translated to: I don’t look back, not even to park, in one of her verses. Meanwhile, La Bichota sang, “Quedaste bien porque lo mío ni lo cuento (Papi) … Te veo en la’ rede’, no puedo creerlo, qué pena de ti.”

This is the song you sing to exes who think they are more important than they really are. But they are not.

The music video is set to be released today, the day Anuel AA was supposed to release a new song with his new wife. Que drama.

Caray – Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel throws full shade to an ex-partner on this jam. The story goes that the partner leaves Juan Gabriel for money. Yet, the ex presumably comes back when Juan Gabriel is over them, and that’s when Juan Gabriel tells the ex something along with these words: “Now it’s me who lives happily! I made a home. When I lost you, later I forgot you and forgave you. And I can’t do anything for you.” We love a non-spiteful King!

Así No Te Amará Jamás – Amanda Miguel

Oh, the drama! Amanda Miguel left her soul and every inch of negativity towards the person who stole her man on this one. Part of the lyrics translates to: “I don’t know which one of us is losing more / I don’t know if you realize the stupid girl you’re with / I know she can’t love you like I do / So you won’t ever be loved.” She then says she should leave them to live their romance and that she maybe needs to start respecting herself and stop begging him. Yes, girl, please. Alas, we can’t help but admire the heavy emotion she delivers on this classic song!

Te Boté (Remix) – Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozuna

Switching it up a little here; this was the break-up anthem when it was released in 2018. When Bad Bunny said (translated from Spanish): “Baby, life is a cycle / And what I don’t use I don’t recycle / So move out of my life.” Ooof, I felt that. We all felt that.

La Ingrata – Café Tacvba

Although the iconic Mexican band doesn’t play this song live anymore — citing that it is anti-feminist and degrading to women — this is one of those songs that you sing loudly and proudly. This song is about telling your ex (translated from Spanish): “Don’t tell me you like me / Don’t tell me that you adore me / That you love me, that you miss me / Because I don’t believe you anymore.” He said what he said!

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