Mariel Mariel Releases Her New Single, ‘De Los Límites,’ Featuring Lido Pimienta

Mariel Mariel Single BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of The Music Joint.

Chilean singer and songwriter Mariel Mariel is ready for a return to the big stages, and she brings a lot of new music with her.

Mariel is now releasing her new single, “De Los Límites,” in collaboration with the great Colombian artist Lido Pimienta, and as an opener to what will be her show at Lollapalooza Chile on Sunday, March 20.

“De Los Límites” is part of her upcoming album “La Batalla” and has been a powerful part of the singer’s live setlist.

“It’s become an energetic ritual in my shows for healing abuses and toxic relationships,” she said, referring to her own and those of loyal followers, “like a mantra that’s been growing organically over the years.”

This track blends the artist’s undeniable flow with a fresh electronic sound, marking a new direction in the Chilean artist’s life and music. “De Los Límites” was composed in Mexico by Mariel Mariel. Andrés Landon and Christopher Manhey (Dr. Fifo) produced the track at La Salitrera studio in Santiago, where her 2021 singles, “En La Cancha” and “La Morena,” were produced for the new album, “La Batalla,” which is scheduled for release in the second half of 2022.

About working with Lido Pimienta, Mariel Mariel explained they met over ten years ago in Mexico, and “we knew then that someday we’d sing together. It’s really fitting that this should be the song because of its power and the deep companionship it makes me feel.”

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