Infla-dating? Gigi González, the First Gen Mentor, Shares Tips for Budget-Friendly Dates

Infla-dating? Gigi González, the First Gen Mentor, Shares Tips for Budget-Friendly Dates
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Gigi González, a financial educator and author, is on a mission to empower Latinx communities with the financial literacy skills they need. In a recent interview with BELatina News, González shared her background and passion for helping others understand personal finance. 


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Growing up, money was never openly discussed in González’s household. Her parents, Mexican immigrants, were solely focused on survival in the United States. González, also known as The First Gen Mentor on social media, soon realized that she, like many others, lacked the financial literacy skills needed to thrive in the American financial system. 

“I did all the ‘right’ things in getting an education and securing a corporate job, but money didn’t make sense to me,” González shared. “We aren’t taught money management skills in school. Even as an economics major, those skills aren’t taught to people.” 

Her realization inspired González to learn more about personal finance and share her knowledge with the Latinx community. She started as a financial educator on social media and now has a book on the way. 

How to combat ‘infla-dating’ according to Gigi González

In her collaboration with Chispa, a dating app for Latinx singles, González hopes to help combat “infla-dating” and further financial literacy among the community. She shares three tips for Latinx couples on how to save money while still getting to know each other. 

  • TIP 1: Get to know the other person online first. Getting to know someone online first is more financially savvy as there is some sort of financial investment in meeting people constantly in person (e.g., driving to them, costs for going out to restaurants). Save costs by taking time online through the Chispa app where you can take advantage of its features like the chat feature to feel the vibe. Before meeting them in person, you can even connect via FaceTime. 
  • TIP 2: Instead of going straight into a dinner date, opt for a cafecito date as constant lunch or dinner dates can get expensive and add up quickly. If there is a good vibe, extend the date rather than finishing once the cafecito is over. And if you two weren’t a match, at least you didn’t break the bank and you saved time and energy for the right person. 
  • TIP 3: Latinas beware of the Pink Tax (the price of goods and services marketing toward women cost more as the same goods and services that are marketing to men such as shaving cream). The costs add up over time, especially for Latina singles who are actively looking for new people. One of many solutions can be ditching the nail salon by doing press on nails at home or cutting down on clothing costs by adopting a capsule wardrobe. 

Infla-dating? Gigi González, the First Gen Mentor, Shares Tips for Budget-Friendly Dates

She also highlights the significance of cultural values when searching for a partner. “When you share the same cultural values or cultural background with [someone], it deepens that connection in a way that it doesn’t with those that are outside your culture,” González stated. 

Through her partnership with Chispa and her dedication to financial literacy education, González hopes to empower Latinx individuals and couples to make informed financial decisions and build a prosperous future for themselves. 

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