Chispa and Voto Latino Join Forces Again to Encourage Latinos to Vote in the Midterm Elections

Chispa and Voto Latino Join Forces Again to Encourage Latinos to Vote in the Midterm Elections belatina latine

Midterm elections are around the corner – and it should on be on everyone’s radar. In order to help the Latino community understand the importance of midterm elections, Chispa, the number one dating app for U.S. Latinxs, and Voto Latino, a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters, are joining forces again to educate and empower the community.



To understand how exactly these Latino-heavy organizations are carrying out this initiative, we spoke to Julia Estacolchic, Head of Brand and Marketing of Chispa.

“We’re very excited. This is the second time we partnered during an election period with this wonderful organization, Voto Latino, to encourage young Latinos to get registered and vote,” Estacolchic said of the partnership. 

Chispa’s and Voto Latino’s ongoing partnership

Chispa and Voto Latino first partnered in the 2020 presidential election and it was a very successful collaboration. During their first round, they offered tools that helped the community understand the importance of voting. They are, once again, releasing tools to make the voting process easier and more accessible to the community. 

“We feel midterms are as important as presidential elections…and also just in general, midterms tend to be perceived as not as important as presidential.”

This is why Chispa and Voto Latino are passionate about getting the message across.

“We want to educate them, but we also want to empower them, giving them real tools to take action, to register, and to actually go and vote in November.”

We’ve seen it before – not voting can be harmful and detrimental to our community. 

“A lot of the decisions that will affect our everyday lives happen at the local level, happen at the state level, happen with our lawmakers at the regional level.” 

“The legislators and candidates that we’re going to be choosing in midterms are going to be critical for the future of our community. And the main goal for the partnership with Voto Latino is to empower and educate.”

Why Chispa encourages voting 

Estacolchic also mentions how those with the privilege to vote should go out and act on their duty, especially since most of us know people that don’t have the ability to vote or might not even be eligible to vote. 

“Our community has over 6.5 million downloads in the U.S. So, we have a [large] community of young Latinos and the goal is to educate them on what are the issues that are being discussed and will be voted for during the election.”

As a Latino-based brand, they understood they had to dive in deeper to appeal to the needs and wants of their target audience. Nowadays, young Latinos are becoming increasingly interested in social issues, the climate, and more. So, they understood they had to join in to showcase their authenticity. 

“I think as a brand we realized that if we wanted to be a brand for the Latino community, we also needed to take a stance on issues that are important to our community. So, we made a big decision to stand up for the community, to become an advocate for the community, and to see where we could generate a positive impact on issues that were affecting our community.”

Chispa’s mission is to help Latinos find meaningful relationships and create unity through the celebration of our Latino culture. This prompted Chispa to look for relevant partners in the community where a mutual collaboration could take place. 

That’s how they got introduced to Voto Latino.

The number one Latinx dating app brand also started being more present at events. 

Oftentimes, showing up is more than enough for the community – considering how we’ve been excluded from important conversations for so long. 

“We started participating in fundraising events to help the family of farm workers. We started supporting a lot of community organizations. I think our world became bigger than just dating or trying to help the community beyond dating.”

“One of the things that we talk about is establishing a meaningful relationship, whether that’s romantic or a new friendship.”

So, this is a gesture I’m sure many welcome. Seeing Chispa in the trenches is refreshing, to say the least. 

Chispa and Voto Latino understand the community

Chispa App also surveyed their users a few months ago and asked them about the issues being discussed in the midterms and which ones mattered most to them. Now, using this information, the users in the Chispa community will be able to have a potential match based on the same interests or priorities. Through this, they can establish a true connection and have conversations that matter. 

As part of the partnership, Chispa and Voto Latino are launching an election center where they will be redirecting users from Chispa to seek more information on candidates, important topics, and where they need to go to vote.

On the election hub, people will be able to register to vote and also check their registration status. 

“They will be able to get information on deadlines for the states, where to vote around their areas, how to vote by mail, how to vote early.”

At this point, we should all understand the tremendous power and impact Latinos can have on every election. For many places, it is the determining factor. Voting should be everyone’s top priority, especially for our community. 

Power in numbers

“We are a huge percentage of the population of eligible voters… if everybody exercises the right to vote, we could see the change that we seek.”

Julia ended the conversation by inviting people to use the Chispa App and share with others how much the Latino vote and voice matter. 

“Initiate conversation around it [voting] to remove the stigma from politics and see the importance and the impact if you talk politics on a date.”

Find the entire interview embedded in this article. 

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