John Leguizamo Spoke to People Magazine to Explain Why He Continues to Lobby for the National Latino Museum

John Leguizamo Spoke to People Magazine to Explain Why He Continues to Lobby for the National Latino Museum
Credit: Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

John Leguizamo, the Colombian American actor and comedian, is on a mission to establish a national museum dedicated to Latino history and culture in the United States. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, the actor and activist discussed his efforts to lobby Congress to create the National Museum of the American Latino. 

“I’m there to get the Latino Museum on the mall and that’s a big thing I want to do before I die, my mission,” said Leguizamo in an interview with People. 

According to Leguizamo, Latinos have contributed significantly to American history, culture, and economy. “We don’t want the museum to be miles out of here because it makes us feel like second-class, like it doesn’t matter,” he said. “We need to be on the [National] Mall because we’re that important. We’ve contributed 500 years.” 

He further added, “We discovered America, built America, suffered in America and contributed $2.8 trillion to the economy every year in this country. If we were our own country, it would be the fifth-largest economy in the world. Bigger than Brazil, bigger than Britain. Bigger than Italy. Now what? Now what?” 

Leguizamo has been a vocal advocate for the National Latino Museum for years and has been lobbying politicians to support the cause. He argues that a national museum would not only educate people about Latino culture but also help combat prejudice and stereotypes. In 2019, he testified before Congress to urge the lawmakers to approve the museum. 

What happens next?

He’s not alone in his efforts. Leguizamo has been working with other prominent figures, including Eva Longoria and Lin-Manuel Miranda, to push for the creation of the museum. They’ve even met with President Biden to discuss the issue. 

With his continued passion and advocacy, Leguizamo hopes to see a National Latino Museum established on the National Mall soon.  

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